Fight Against The Duo-Normative Diarchy Marches On

     With the courts and politicians slowly giving way to the smashing of the duo-normative diarchy that, by sheer irrational animus, has limited marriages just just and only two persons, yet another brave “thruple” have come forth:

“A man and two women who live as a threesome have announced they are expecting a baby — and insist that ‘three parents are better than two.’

“Adam Lyons was dubbed “the luckiest man alive” because he shares his life with two girlfriends, Brooke Shedd and Jane Shalakhova.

“Lyons is already the father of Shedd’s son, Dante, now 2, but now the London-born dad is expecting a baby boy with Shalakhova.

“The threesome — who share a super-king-size bed — believe the new baby, who is due in July, will benefit from their set-up.”

     If one accepts that having two mommies or two daddies is perfectly valid as the core of a family, then why not two women and a man, or three men and a baby?

     After all, the number “two” is just a social construct.

     Yay, diversity!!1!

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