British Judge Channels Herod, Orders Slaughter of an Innocent

     The death penalty was abolished in the U.K. decades ago, because it was considered uncivilized to execute rapists and murderers. This “civilized” society now considers the execution of the innocent baby Charlie Gard—in dismissal of the pleas to the contrary by the child’s loving parents—to be a paragon of bravery and dignity.

“Doctors can withdraw life support from a sick baby with a rare genetic condition against his parents’ wishes, a High Court judge has ruled.


“In his judgement, Mr Justice Francis said he made the decision with the ‘heaviest of hearts’ but with ‘complete conviction’ that it was in the best interests of the child.”

King Herod, always looking out for the best interests of the child.

     Charlie’s father and mother, Chris and Connie, point out that there are medications and treatments that are available, and while there is no guarantee, there is still the possibility of hope.

“Chris added: ‘Everyone’s so negative saying he won’t have a quality of life. It could perform wonders. Every child with a similar gene who is on this medication – I believe there is 18 around the world – they are all still alive, and they are all still getting stronger. I don’t see how we can know this and then just go “Do you know what, no just let him go”. They’re all alive, they’re all getting stronger. Charlie deserves that chance.’

“While doctors have argued it would be fairer to withdraw life support, Connie argued: ‘All we’re asking is for two months to try this medication. We’ve been here for months trying to get this anyway and he hasn’t deteriorated in that time. And we will know if it works or not in that time.'”

     The cost, which we are told isn’t supposed to be a factor in a country with socialized medicine available, isn’t even a question in this case!

“A crowdfunding campaign set up to pay for Charlie’s treatment in America has passed its £1.3m target.”

     But no. The judge and cowardly politicians would rather tout platitudes of how being killed is in anyone’s best interest. They are explicitly ordering this child’s death.

     If you can not, in your right mind, declare that you want to live, then your right to live is forfeit and relegated to a dispensation of the state. And if the Netherlands is any indication, you will be killed even if you are capable of shouting that you want to live.

     Hat Tip: InsureBlog.

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