Woke Babysitting

     Not being content to “enwoken” adult White people, the insane Left is now targeting babies and toddlers, as the insane Left is wont to do, most likely to ensure children achieve “peak wokeness” by age 8.

     Now the insane Left now targeting babies and toddlers by offering… “woke babysitting“.

“Have you ever been prevented from attending a rally, protest, or emergency call to action by the lack of a babysitter?

“Woke Babysitting wants to help.

“In our current political climate, where lawyers, legal observers, and activists may be called upon for urgent action, Woke Babysitting wants to connect activists in need to nearby parents and childcare providers willing to volunteer babysitting time to the cause.”

     This is run by “an activism babysitting community for the NoVa area”…

     Hat Tip: Acculturated.

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