You’re Not A Mermaid, You’re Just Crazy

     A little girl wanting to be a mermaid princess when she grows up is adorable. An adult woman who quits her job because she believe she is half fish and half human is just plain crazy in the head.

“When Caitlin Nielsen told her kindergarten teacher she wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up, the kids laughed at her.

“But now aged 32, Caitlin is living her dream: She is part of a ‘secret’ community of people who identify as part-human, part-fish and call themselves merfolk.

“Caitlin had long dreamed of being a mermaid and watching the Disney movie The Little Mermaid did nothing to ease her aspirations.

“So in 2015 the biology graduate quit her job so she could focus full-time on her real ambition: being a full-time mermaid.”

     Funny, how the growth of body disphoria related madness has grown with the rise of people who don’t want to grow up and accept reality? How is believing you are the opposite sex, or some made up gender, more crazy than thinking you are a different species or some made-up mythical creature?

“‘I do feel like my tail is a part of me, and I do actually feel like it is a prosthetic limb.

“‘I sometimes joke that I wear a prosthetic because I was born with a terrible birth defect – which is legs.

“‘When my tail is off I feel a little bit awkward. Suddenly I have legs and I don’t know what to do with them. I feel extremely clumsy.'”

     Yet again, South Park has been eerily prescient.

     Unsurprisingly, these people suffer psychological issues. Rather than address those issues, these people are indulged in their delusional fantasies:

“Her friends Ed Brown and Tessie LaMourea also identify as part-fish-part-human and like Caitlin, they are immersed in the lifestyle.

“Environmental policy student Tessie was inspired to become a mermaid ever since she attended a magical mermaid school in the exotic Philippines three years ago.

“Once she slides her tail on and becomes Mermaid Essie, she says her worries disappear and the magical feeling of invincibility and power arises.

“The 24-year-old said: ‘I have a lot of body insecurities, I think a lot of people do. When I am in my tail I don’t feel insecure anymore. Because it suddenly doesn’t matter what size I am because I am a mermaid and that is what people really focus on.

“‘When I take my tail off it almost feels like a piece of me has come off, that I am in a weird limbo. It’s very vulnerable feeling. It is an odd feeling for sure.

“‘It suddenly doesn’t matter what size I am because I am a mermaid and that is what people really focus on.’”

     A little mood music:

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