News of the Week (January 29th, 2017)


News of the Week for January 29th, 2017


Gun Rights


San Antonio Mall Shooting Update: Man With Concealed Carry Permit Stops One Suspect
This one looks like a robbery gone bad. According to San Antonio Police, two men were attempting to rob a jewelry store at the mall when something went wrong

Do Women or Guns Have More Rights?
A woman at the Women’s March held a sign that read, “I dream women will one day have the same rights as guns.” This is my response.

Robber armed with knife meets customer armed with a gun
This robber brought a knife to gun fight , when trying to rob a grocery store only to meet a good samaritan with a gun.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


California Cap and Trade Might be Unconstitutional
LA Times suggests the centrepiece of California’s green policies might be about to collapse in the face of an ongoing legal challenge.

Trump Advancing Keystone, Dakota Oil Pipelines Today, Source Says
President Donald Trump intends to take action today to advance construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Let me start by saying that I’m a huge fan and frequent user of our National Park System. I’m also a dedicated and lifelong conservationist, concerned with our natural environment that is the basis of all life. So please don’t take the following as being opposed to true environmentalism. I’m not. I’m opposed to political activism under the name and imprimatur of the National Park Service.

100,000 year ice age cycle linked to orbital periods and sea ice
Earth’s orbital variations and sea ice synch glacial periods



Government in Healthcare


What is Insurance?
I paid two bills this past week, one for car and rental insurance, and one for health insurance. They are both called “insurance” but how they are seen in popular thinking and on the news differs considerably. In both cases I get the sense that for 90% of the people I work with and talk to, or hear through the various media, exactly how insurance started and what it was supposed to accomplish are complete unknowns. Which is a little disappointing, because the history of managing risk can be fascinating in the right hands.

A Look at 4 of the GOP’s Obamacare Replacement Plans
As Republicans debate their strategy for repealing and replacing Obamacare, GOP lawmakers have been accused of failing to put forth a replacement plan for the health care law.

Medically assisted deaths could save millions in health care spending: Report
Across Canada, journal calculates up to $136.8 M in savings

GOP Senators Unveil Patient Freedom Act to Replace Obamacare
The plan gives states the option to keep or opt out of Obamacare.

Planned Parenthood Offices Nationwide Tell Callers They “Don’t Offer Prenatal Care”
Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards likes to boast that her organization offers necessary prenatal care for women. Supporters of Planned Parenthood and Democrat politicians do the same – but surprise! – it’s just a myth. A video from Live Action shows Planned Parenthood clinics across the country telling callers they “don’t offer prenatal care.” One operator even says, “We specialize in abortions.” Callers are told over and over again that Planned Parenthood has no prenatal care or doctors, but they are reassured that if you need an abortion, you’ve come to the right place.

How Virginia’s Hospital Licensing Laws Led to an Infant’s Death
The deadly consequences of an obscure medical licensing law.

CanuckCare: Free, and Deadly
We’ve written before that euthanasia seems to be the newest form of health care rationing, specifically in those countries with national health care schemes. It appears, though, that our Neighbors to the North have decided to up the ante.


War & Terror


Former congresswoman Heather Wilson is Trump’s pick for Air Force secretary
President Trump plans to nominate former congresswoman Heather Wilson to serve as Air Force secretary, the White House announced Monday.

Iran Caught Importing Missile Technology
Ukrainian authorities have confirmed that they seized a shipment of missile system components bound for Iran, according to official statements that could put the Islamic Republic in violation of international bans on such behavior.

SAS sniper kills THREE ISIS fighters with a single shot during an operation in a remote Iraqi village
The senior ISIS members were prepping to fire shots at women and children

Yazidi Girls Sold as Sex Slaves while Women March against Trump
Some Yazidi girls were “sold” for a few packs of cigarettes.

Former congresswoman Heather Wilson is Trump’s pick for Air Force secretary
President Trump plans to nominate former congresswoman Heather Wilson to serve as Air Force secretary, the White House announced Monday.

China Announces Deployment of New Long Range Nuclear Missile
The target-at least of the announcement-is Trump.

Mattis to Visit Asia-Pacific Amid Warnings From China, North Korea
SecDef will underscore U.S. commitment to “enduring alliances” with Japan, South Korea

Chinese Government Engaged in “Holistic” Cyber Effort to Infiltrate U.S. Industries
Experts call for review of policies to address uptick of Chinese

What bomb?
About a month ago a man drove a van filled with gas cylinders into the carpark of the national headquarters of the Australian Christian Lobby.

Donald Trump Shuffles National Security Council
Executive measure adds Steve Bannon while removing Director of National Intelligence, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Here’s What Russia’s Military Build-Up in the Arctic Looks Like
Increasingly, U.S. officials have come to see that the opening Arctic is becoming more and more important – “strategic,” even, as they often say in Washington. But it always seems to slip through the bureaucratic cracks of the U.S. foreign and defense policymaking machine.




Protesters go after Scott Baio in Washington, DC
Trump supporter Scott Baio was roughed up by protesters in DC on Friday night.

Last woman standing: GOP targets Sen. Baldwin as last statewide Democrat
National and state Republicans think 2018 is the year they will essentially wipe Democrats out of Wisconsin.

New Front-Runner Emerges In SCOTUS Contest
Judge Neil Gorsuch of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals may be the leading candidate for President Donald Trump’s first appointment to the Supreme Court.

Scientists just announced our best shot at ending antibiotic resistance to date
A molecule that reverses antibiotic resistance.

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Heavy, Man, Heavy
Did you know there is an academic journal devoted to the study of heavy metal music? I didn’t either, but of course there is: Metal Music Studies. It’s your one-stop shopping venue for important scholarly analysis of Metallica and Iron Maiden. Also Nickelback

Trump signs executive actions on TPP, abortion, federal hiring freeze
President Trump signed an executive order on Monday announcing his plan to withdraw the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.

Student Sues College Over “Social Justice” Activism Mandate
American college campuses are becoming the main battleground for the First Amendment, usually because faculty or administrators don’t respect the free speech rights of students. In November I wrote about such a case at Iowa State.

“¡No, no puede!”: New White House begins with English-only website as Team Trump breaks with Obama by nixing all Spanish-language content
New website has only English-language content

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton collapses during speech
Gov. Mark Dayton collapsed while delivering his State of the State speech on Monday, striking his head on a lectern. The 69-year-old Democrat appeared to be conscious as he was helped into a back room several minutes later, and three colleagues and his son said he seemed to be OK.

BC tries again after students ignore “bias and isms” panel
Boston College will take another stab at hosting a panel discussion on the “impact of bias and isms,” even though very few students attended the event when it was first put on last year.

Christian university to send students to mosque for “religious experience”
Students enrolled in a world religions course this semester at Texas Christian University must attend a mosque service as part of the class.

Trump reportedly interested in a Mars mission
Some speculate that incoming President Donald Trump is considering supporting a revamped humans-to-Mars program.

GOP eyes new push to break up California court
Republican lawmakers are eyeing a new push to break up the California-based federal court of appeals, which is widely considered one of the most liberal courts in the country.

Democrats And Republicans Unite To Rescind Last-Minute Obama Order Seeking Federal Election Takeover
All 50 state secretaries of state are urging the Trump administration to rescind a last-minute Department of Homeland Security directive calling state election systems “critical infrastructure.”

How childrens services failed to save this 5-year-old boy from a house of horrors
Little Mikey Guzman lived in a Queens house of horrors where child-welfare workers had found cuts, welts and bruises on some of his siblings, as well as signs of sexual abuse, before the 5-year-old was discovered dead, law-enforcement sources told The Post on Tuesday.

Flyer: “MAGA,” “anarcho-capitalist” are coded neo-Nazi language
Flyers have appeared at the University of Kansas calling “Make America Great Again” and “anarcho-capitalist” examples of coded neo-nazi language and urging students to remove materials posted by “hate groups.”

Philly mayor mandates bias training for businesses in the “Gayborhood”
Here’s a story you probably didn’t see coming. The City of Brotherly Love has a problem with bias in certain businesses and organizations and the Mayor has decided to do something about it. The troubles are centered in one particular district locally referred to as “the Gayborhood” because of the large number of LGBT oriented bars and services in the area. Sounds good so far. We don’t want people discriminating against gays and lesbians.

Students learn that “Sex is Like Pizza” at EIU workshop
Students at Eastern Illinois University will now get to learn about sexual consent through pizza, thanks to a new workshop being put on by the school.

Navy: Larger 355-Ship Fleet — “Executable”
A Navy Force Structure Assessment Calls for a 355-Ship Fleet – Including a Massive Increase in Submarines, Large Surface Combatants and other ships.

Days of N. Korea’s Kim are numbered: defector
The North Korean regime is on an inexorable decline towards collapse, with its people increasingly disillusioned but its nuclear ambitions undimmed, a top defector said Wednesday.

Trump signs orders on border wall, immigration enforcement
President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday on his central campaign promise that directs federal agencies to begin constructing a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Teacher arrested for indecency claims tongue fell in first graders’ mouths
A former Houston elementary school substitute teacher was arrested on Wednesday after he was accused of inappropriate contact with three students.

Leftist student physically attacks conservatives after botched debate meeting
What started as a meeting between progressive and conservative student groups to discuss a possible public debate turned violent Wednesday night, according to video captured by one of the participants.

Due-process group launches campaign to “End Kangaroo Courts” on campus, bring back “rule of law”
With the inauguration of a new president, a nonprofit group that advocates for students’ due-process rights is launching a campaign to take sexual-assault investigations out of the hands of college bureaucrats.

BuzzFeed Editor-In-Chief: It’s Not Racist To Only Hire People With The Right Skin Color
BuzzFeeds news editor-in-chief Ben Smith told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night he didn’t think excluding applicants from a job based on the color of their skin was racist.

Sen. Kamala Harris sends heads to desks by declaring this gov’t spending a “human rights issue”
Infrastructure spending is a human right? Do a lot of people on bad roads think their human rights are being violated? Suffice to say, not everybody agrees with Harris.

Elizabeth Warren sure is secretive about her fancy Cambridge house
In 2012 she insisted her home was “off-the-record” for visiting reporters, and now the Free Beacon reveals she didn’t disclose a line of credit.

De Blasio Suggests NYC Won’t Help Deport Thieves, Because They’re Family “Breadwinners”
Message to de Blasio: thieves aren’t bread “winners.” They’re bread stealers.

Did Donald Trump Carry Minnesota?
Voter fraud is in the news again, with President Trump vowing an investigation and the liberal media assuring us that voter fraud does not exist. My question is always: why are they so confident that there is little or no fraud, when so few efforts are made to look for it?

De Blasio continues to brush off evidence of ACS incompetence
Mayor de Blasio on Wednesday brushed off evidence of rampant abuse in the home of dead 5-year-old Mikey Guzman as he defended his beleaguered Administration for Children’s Services.

Trump’s Order May Mark 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants for Deportation
The nation’s undocumented immigrants — approximately 11 million by a 2014 Pew Research estimate — could be made a priority for deportation as a result of the executive order signed by President Donald Trump Wednesday, according to legal experts.

Libs Who Want To Move To Canada Blocked By Its Strict Immigration Policies
Liberals seeking to move to Canada because they are unhappy with the election results are finding that Canada won’t take them because its immigration policies exclude those who won’t contribute to the economy.

Pence in leaked audio: There will be “full evaluation” of voter fraud
Vice President Mike Pence said the Trump administration will launch a “full evaluation” of voter fraud, according to the Guardian, citing leaked audio.

Trump argument bolstered: Clinton received 800,000 votes from noncitizens, study finds
Hillary Clinton garnered more than 800,000 votes from noncitizens on Nov. 8, an approximation far short of President Trump’s estimate of up to 5 million illegal voters but supportive of his charges of fraud.

Claremont funds racially exclusive program to fight racism
Claremont McKenna College is offering a minorities-only meditation program to students who have experienced race-related stress.

Students “who value social justice” offered privilege retreat
Northeastern University plans to host a three-day retreat on “deconstructing power and privilege,” advertising it as an opportunity to “build community with peers who value social justice and inclusion.”

SGA pressures peers to “embrace diversity” by signing pledge
The student government at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs unanimously approved a resolution in favor of launching an “inclusive campus campaign” that asks students to pledge to “embrace diversity.”

British PM at GOP Congressional Retreat: For 200 Years, “the Very Idea of America Has Lit Up the World”
In a speech at the GOP Congressional Retreat, British Prime Minister Theresa May congratulated the party on its massive victory in the 2016 elections and said it “signaled a new era of American renewal.”

Women’s March Featured Speaker Who Kidnapped And Tortured A Man
The Women’s March on Washington last week featured as a speaker convicted felon Donna Hylton who, along with several others, kidnapped a man and then tortured him to death.

Pelosi: Democrats Do “the Lord’s Work,” Republicans “Dishonor God”
In yet another example of moral narcissism and the liberal inability to understand conservative positions on faith, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi declared that her party, the Democratic Party, does the will of God while Republicans dishonor their Creator.

New US Envoy Puts UN Allies on Notice: “For Those That Don’t Have our Back, We’re Taking Names”
New U.S. ambassador Nikki Haley in her first visit to the United Nations put U.S. allies on notice: “For those that don’t have our back, we’re taking names.”

Scientists are making genetically modified cyborg dragonflies
They could be used for guided pollination… or for surveillance.

Due Process Group Seeks End to Campus Kangaroo Courts
“calling for a wide-ranging re-evaluation of the role of campus disciplinary committees”

A GOP Regulatory Game Changer
Legal experts say that Congress can overrule Obama regulations going back to 2009.

Princeton Freshman: They’re Training Us To Hate Each Other
freshman at Princeton University, an Ivy League school in New Jersey, penned an article in Quillette? discussing the hostile climate that the university fosters in 21st century America. Titled “Diversity for the Sake of Democracy,” Carrie Pritt started the article with the following words: “Stand up if you identify as Caucasian.” Pritt follows this hook by explaining how the leaders of an orientation event deliberately divided people into various demographics.

Prosecutor will not charge Gov. Christie in Bridgegate case
New Jersey prosecutors announced Friday they will not bring charges against Gov. Christie in a Bridgegate-related case because there is insufficient evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

“Calexit” supporters can start work to make ballot
Californians who want their state to secede from the United States can now start collecting signatures to put the initiative on the 2018 ballot.

Green card holders included in Trump ban: Homeland Security
People holding so-called green cards, making them legal permanent U.S. residents, are included in President Donald Trump’s executive action temporarily barring people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, a Department of Homeland security spokeswoman said on Saturday.

Federal Court issues temporary partial stay of Trump Executive Order
No one detained in U.S. under Executive Order can be removed, for now.

Court Order Staying Trump Executive Order on Refugees by Legal Insurrection on Scribd

Obama’s administration made the “Muslim ban” possible and the media won’t tell you
I was outraged by the ban on refugees from war-torn countries in the Middle East. I’ve covered refugees fleeing war in Iraq and Syria over the last two years, meeting families on the road in Greece, Serbia and Macedonia, speaking to poor people in Turkey and Jordan and discussing the hopes and fears of people displaced in Iraq. If you want to ban “terrorists,” these are the last people to hit with a refugee ban. Instead the government should be using the best intelligence possible to find people being radicalized, some of whom have lived in the US their whole lives or who come from countries not affected by the ban, such as Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.

So Trump is going ahead with the Australian refugee resettlement deal
Here’s one I didn’t see coming. One of the several calls which President Trump took from various foreign leaders this weekend was with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Students say border wall is racist
The students we spoke to at George Washington University overwhelmingly opposed a border wall.

GOP Aims to Make School Lunches Great Again
“The regulations have proven to be burdensome and unworkable for schools”


Economy & Taxes


Trump to pull out of Trans-Pacific Partnership
President Trump is expected to sign executive orders Monday that pulls the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and possible unravel other major trade deals, according to multiple reports.

Obama’s Student-Loan Fiasco
A “coding error” helped justify a punitive new education regulation.

Trump tells business leaders he wants to cut regulations by 75% or “maybe more”
President Donald Trump told business leaders on Monday he believes he can cut regulations by 75 percent or “maybe more.”

The U.K.’s Threat To Weaponize Tax Is No Bluff
The U.K. government is threatening to give its post-Brexit economy a shot in the arm by reducing corporate taxes to become a sort of “Singapore-on-Thames,” a tax haven on the perimeter of the European Union. EU officials are dismissive of the idea; but they may be whistling past a graveyard.

Trump may breathe new life into US e-cigarette industry
Trump could win over middle-class Californians by vaporizing job-killing regulations.




Horror as gang rapes woman in Sweden and broadcasts it on FACEBOOK LIVE
A WOMAN was gang raped in Sweden by a group of men who broadcast the horrific attack on Facebook live, it has been claimed.

Queen’s chaplain quits over cathedral Koran reading which said “not to worship Jesus”
ONE of the Queen’s Chaplains has resigned amid a row over a passage of the Koran read out at a Glasgow cathedral which denies Jesus is the son of God.

China, Philippines agree to cooperate on 30 projects worth $3.7 billion
China has agreed to cooperate with the Philippines on 30 projects worth $3.7 billion focusing on poverty reduction, the two countries said after a meeting in Beijing on Monday.

French Socialist party in trouble; story is similar throughout Europe
The French Socialist party held its primary yesterday in the race to succeed Francois Hollande as the party’s standard bearer. Hollande’s presidency has been such a disaster that he declined to stand for re-election.

Brexit: Supreme Court says Parliament must give Article 50 go-ahead
Parliament must vote on whether the government can start the Brexit process, the Supreme Court has ruled.

CBC’s “White Power” stunt a new low in “fake news”
There’s so little real racism in Canada that the CBC had to invent some, and try to smear Donald Trump in the process. As I explained on last night’s show, this hoax was pulled off with your tax dollars.

Germany and a European Power Vacuum
Events in Europe in 2017 are shaping up as vitally important to the security of the Western world. France faces a presidential election, Greek finances remain in turmoil, Britain has to negotiate a peaceful exit from the EU, Russian influence is on the march and Turkey remains a potential powder keg. However, the most important event may be the German elections this year.

Dutch government to set up international abortion fund, to counteract Donald Trump’s aid ban
Dutch minister Lilanne Ploumen has proposed a fund in the Netherlands to help women’s health charities, in a bid to undercut the recently reinstated Mexico City Policy under Trump

The Netherlands Reacts To Donald Trump’s “America First” Message
I can’t begin to describe this video. Whether you love Trump or hate him, you’ll have to admit this is pretty darn funny.

Left-wing Swedish politician resigns after “idiotic” Facebook post asking for someone to shoot President Trump
Roland Peterson was appalled by Donald Trump’s position on climate change

Britain’s Populist UKIP Party on Track to Pull Off a Major Upset in Labour Stronghold
The future is looking bright for Britain’s populist and patriotic U.K. Independence Party. According to a new poll, the party’s new leader — Paul Nuttall — is on track to win the by-election in Stoke Central on February 23. That’s significant because Stoke is one of Britain’s most important Labour strongholds. If the socialists lose their parliamentary seat to UKIP, it’s a sure sign that a populist revolution is coming in the next national elections.

Mexico deports a lot more than you may think
During my time in Mexico, I learned a couple of things about Mexico’s immigration laws.

Let’s lead the world together once again: May to tell Trump his election and Brexit gives the US and UK a historic chance to ‘renew’ the special relationship
On US trip PM will say rebuilding relationship is of special importance to nations

German State Employee Sacked For Uncovering Refugee Welfare Fraud
Ahead of September election, Merkel government keen to avoid negative coverage of its “Refugee” policy

Man jailed for not helping drowning teenager
A man has been jailed for killing a 17-year-old woman by not helping her when she fell into the sea.

Migrant gang “burn down women’s centre” just WEEKS after it opened
A SPECIAL centre built to help and empower women and their babies was “destroyed by migrants” just weeks after it opened, it has emerged.




A historian breaks down why there’s no ‘Trump resistance’
@varadmehta discusses the narrative of the ‘Trump resistance’ and how it has created mistrust in the media for the president’s base. It’s a long one, so buckle up.

Barack Obama, the god that failed
They do not merely represent the masses but in a sense they are the masses, and as such they cannot really be wrong. Second, according to the theology, their coming to power represents the end of a process. No further group can succeed them for that would mean that the masses, the forces of righteousness, had been overthrown. That, in turn, could only mean that the forces of racism and colonialism, after sulking in defeat and biding their time, had regrouped and launched a counter-attack.

Trump’s FCC Transition Team: One of These Things is Not Like the Others…
There’s an old Sesame Street song that sums up the Donald Trump Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Transition Team. Behold “One of These Things”: “One of these things is not like the others. One of these things doesn’t belong. Can you tell which thing is not like the others…?” Here, it ain’t difficult at all to tell.

Catholic Girls School Taught Bisexual Singer to Vote Democrat and Hate Men
Anti-American left-wing teachers at an all-girls Catholic school in Miami taught bisexual pop singer Lauren Jauregui the radical feminist beliefs that inspired her outspoken opposition to President Trump.

Elections matter too much
There’s now an opportunity for Republicans and Democrats to restrict executive power.

The Next Wave of Suburbanization?
The idea of the early-professional 20-something urban millennial liberal sharing an apartment in an expensive urban area has become central to our cultural understanding of American cities in the years since the financial crisis. But as the economy recovers and energy prices go down and the older cohort of millennials starts to get married in larger numbers, residential patterns may change significantly, with important consequences for America’s politics and geography.

Democrats Must Be Racist
The Dems are driving non-racists out of the party.

California: Venezuela on the Pacific
Check out the nearby photo, which I took yesterday, Jan. 22, at 4:57 pm during the weekend deluge. The men in yellow slickers are filling in large potholes in Atlanta Avenue just east of Beach Boulevard, California Highway 39. The yellow light is a flashing caution sign. The rain did not create the potholes, but made much larger holes than already existed.

Petroleum Is Good, Liberals Are Crazy
For eight years, President Obama did everything in his power to punish the people who produce the fuel that makes capitalism work. It took Donald Trump just two days to turn that around.

Because Sluts Should Be Ashamed
Great minds think alike and, at the very moment I was tsk-tsking over Meghan Murphy’s sad fate, Zaklog the Great was posting this video.

The Democrats’ Rise Is Far From Inevitable
Why are the left’s public demonstrations more impressive than its voter turnout? Because there are a whole lot of Democrats in the large population centers where such demonstrations are generally held. People can join a protest simply by getting on the subway; it’s an easy show of force.

Misandry and Child Abuse Flourish Among ‘Elites’ Who Want Revenge
Have you noticed more and more insults and abusive verbal language being directed towards young boys recently? Paula Bolyard here at PJM has a post on Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, who says he will “behead his young sons if they ‘mistreat’ a woman”

High Court Hopefuls: Superstars, Every One
What to look out for on February 2.

Roe v. Wade Is A “Jealous God” That Demands Blood And Generates Rage
The legacy of Roe v. Wade and its companion case Doe v. Bolton is a 43-year flight from reason and a society and political system distorted almost beyond recognition.

Let Jerry Brown Turn California Into A Socialist Utopia
Now that Donald Trump is issuing executive orders that progressives hate, blue states are rediscovering federalism. We should let them do as they please.

There is no evidence of voter fraud because no one asks
After President Trump proclaimed to the world that the only reason Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million was that 3 million or more ballots were cast fraudulently – by noncitizen, the dead or by Box 13 in Alice, Texas, perhaps – the media dutifully reported, even Fox News, that there is no evidence, no proof, no foundation for such a claim. It is utterly unsubstantiated.

Reclaiming the Culture
A few days ago, I was on the book of faces, on a thread started by Brad Torgersen, in which we’d already had at least three progressives come by and scream at us that Hillary had won the popular vote and why weren’t we making her president, when progressive #4 came by to announce that it just wasn’t fair we weren’t giving the presidency to Hillary Clinton, despite her popular vote in. By that time I’d grown a little testy (who, me? Nevah) and my answer was “Another constitutional scholar!” after which I gave a cursory answer about the electoral college protecting us from being dictated to by California, and, in the long run, from ending up in a civil war.

The boring monotony of diversity
Well, here it comes again. Another celebration of the “diverse”.

Refugee Madness: Trump Is Wrong, But His Liberal Critics Are Crazy
The anger at his new policy is seriously misplaced.

The Baylor Varsity Rape Team
Shocking allegations

Feminism Is a Hate Movement
Two books that I have often recommended for understanding feminism are Domestic Tranquility: A Brief Against Feminism by Carolyn Graglia, and Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism by Daphne Patai. If you have not read these books, order them from Amazon immediately because the authors get to the real core of what feminism is about, i.e., hatred. Feminists do not merely hate men.

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