Time is a Social Construct

     Apparently not only are gender and race “social constructs” by The Patriarchy™, but apparently time itself is a tool of oppression!

     A little temporal mood music…

     Feel free to post your favorite “time” themed song!

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4 Responses to Time is a Social Construct

  1. avatar angela urkel says:

    You joking me? You left out the biggies 🙂 :

    Time from DSOTM – Pink Floyd
    Time Is On My Side – Rolling Stones

  2. avatar angela urkel says:

    And gender is only a mere social construct when it is being used to browbeat Christian bakers into baking gay cakes or buying transgendered girl scout cookies.

    When it’s being used by Jackie and Emma Sulkowicz to get boys they don’t like expelled, gender all of a sudden becomes very real indeed.

    and even the sentence “…socially constructed … as gender … patriarchal systems”
    is incoherent. If the patriarchy is real, so is gender.

  3. avatar Fox2! says:

    Croce – Time in a bottle
    Lauper – Time after time
    Dan Hill – Sometimes when we touch

  4. avatar model_1066 says:

    Duh…Alan Parsons Project