News of the Week (February 7th, 2016)


News of the Week for February 7th, 2016


Election 2016


Hillary Supporters Endorse KARL MARX as Her Pick for Vice President! – SIGN PETITION TO APPROVE HIM
Hillary Clinton supporters are asked to sign a petition to approve of “her choice” of Communist Karl Marx to be her vice president if she’s elected President of the United States. Are Hillary fans so out of touch with reality?

Ha Ha: Hillary Clinton’s Top Financial Supporter Now Controls “The Onion”
Many news outlets covered Univision Communications’ purchase last week of a stake in The Onion, the world’s leading news publication. According to NPR, Univision bought a 40 percent controlling interest in the company, and also acquired the option to buy the remainder of The Onion in the future.

Clinton voter fraud in Polk County, Iowa Caucus
Caucus chair and Clinton precinct captain do not conduct actual count of Clinton supporters and deliberately mislead caucus

Coin toss broke 6 Clinton-Sanders deadlocks in Iowa – and Hillary won each time
While it was hard to call a winner between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders last night, it’s easy to say who was luckier.

Iowa Caucus Results: Cruz Wins GOP, Trump Stumbles, Clinton Edges Sanders
Next stop, New Hampshire as top candidates move on.

Mike Huckabee drops out of 2016 presidential race
Mike Huckabee is dropping his presidential campaign after a weak showing in the Iowa caucuses that he had won eight years earlier.

Rick Santorum dropping presidential bid
Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is ending his presidential bid, two Republican sources told CNN.

Rand Paul drops out of White House race
“Today, I will end where I began, ready and willing to fight for the cause of liberty,” the Kentucky senator said.

Bernie “living wage” Sanders pays his interns only $12 an hour
Sanders used his congressional campaign war chest to enrich his family members. An investigation by the neocon outlet Washington Free Beacon reveals that Sanders’ wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, collected a cool $90,000 from her husband’s House campaign in return for consulting services from 2002 to 2004. Bernie’s stepdaughter Carina Driscoll also collected $65,000 from the campaign during the same period.

Gallup: More GOP states than Democratic – for first time ever
Barack Obama will spend 2016 trying to define his legacy. Gallup’s analysis of party affiliation cements his long-term legacy on the Democratic Party, at least. In his seven-plus years at the forefront of American politics, Obama’s legacy is one of record Republican affiliation at the state level

Iowa margin between Clinton, Sanders shifts as errors found
Iowa Democratic Party officials are reviewing results from the Iowa caucuses and making updates where discrepancies have been found.

The Democrat Party Shifted One Caucus Vote From Sanders to Hillary For Unexplained Reasons
When I say caucus vote, what I mean is — I don’t know what I mean, to be honest. I do not understand this system, particularly the Democrats’ version of it.

Iowans claim instances when Sanders was shorted delegates
Keane Schwarz is certain he knows the outcome of the vote in his precinct: He was the lone caucusgoer in Woodbury County No. 43.


Obama Scandals


Unmasking Obama’s Mosque Speech
President Barack Obama’s speech at the Islamic Society of Baltimore mosque in Maryland on February 3 masked what the president wanted hidden.


Gun Rights


92-Year-Old WWII Vet Uses .45 Pistol To Stop Axe Attack
On January 31, an allegedly axe-welding robber turned and fled after hearing the first shot fired by 92-year-old World War II veteran Joe Milspa.

4th Cir. applies strict scrutiny to MD’s “assault weapons” ban, sends case back to district court.
4th Cir. also held that the AR-15 is not so “unusual or dangerous” that it falls outside of 2d Amendment protection, as Maryland had urged.

Big #2A Win – 4th Circuit Applies Strict Scrutiny to Maryland Gun Control Law
Virtually all gun control laws will be found unconstitutional if subject to strict scrutiny

OHSA is going after ammo manufacturers
I received a call today from someone who works for a major ammunition manufacturer. They required anonymity but want the following information to get out to the public.

Supreme Court likely to hear new “assault weapons” ban case
While it’s not a done deal yet, there’s a good chance that we may finally be receiving a final decision from the Supreme Court on the question of so called “assault weapons” bans. Back in December, gun rights activists were largely disappointed when SCOTUS decided they would not hear an appeal to Illinois’ assault weapons ban, allowing a lower court ruling in favor of the law to stand. At the time, I speculated that they were waiting for more lower courts to weigh in on similar challenges around the country to see if there was some sort of consensus or if the states were divided and in need of clarification from above.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Scientist Ruthlessly Debunks One Of NOAA’s Central Climate Claims
In face of intense criticism from alarmist scientists, Dr. John Christy went to great lengths in a Tuesday congressional hearing to detail why satellite-derived temperatures are much more reliable indicators of warming than surface thermometers.



Government in Healthcare


The CDC Doesn’t Know How Babies Are Made
The Centers for Disease Control recommends that women only drink if they’re using birth control. In other words, they want baby-making to cease.


War & Terror


Al Qaeda militants seize southern Yemeni town
Dozens of al Qaeda militants reclaimed the town of Azzan in Yemen’s Shabwa province on Monday, residents said, exploiting a security vacuum in the country’s south as a civil war rages.

Army, Marine chiefs: Require women to register for draft
Women should be required to register for the draft if all combat jobs are going to be open to them, the top generals of the Marines and Army said Tuesday.

“A hole appeared in the side of the plane and then he was gone”: US investigators say blast was probably a bomb as passenger describes how man caught fire and was sucked out of cabin at 14,000ft
6ft by 3ft hole tore into side of Djibouti-bound Daallo Airlines flight D3159

Russia “simulated a nuclear strike” against Sweden, Nato admits
Russian bombers targeted military and intelligence installations in 2013 war game that caught Swedish airforce unprepared

Lawmakers Introduce Bill Requiring Women to Register for Draft
Two Republican lawmakers introduced a bill on Thursday that would require women to register for the draft in a step meant to advance a national debate about the Pentagon’s decision in December to open all military combat positions to women.




Metal “Snow” May Power Earth’s Magnetic Field
The power source for Earth’s magnetic field may be magnesium that has been trapped in the core since our planet’s violent birth, a new model suggests.

Today’s Outstanding Academic Gibberish
Today’s outstanding academic gibberish comes to us courtesy of Vassar, where Wednesday night you can take in the following lecture: “Inhumanist Biopolitics: How Palestine Matters”.

This Taxpayer-Funded University Is LITERALLY Building A Segregated Dorm
The University of Connecticut is building a new residence hall that will segregate black people away from the general student population.

Billions spent, but fewer people are using public transportation in Southern California
For almost a decade, transit ridership has declined across Southern California despite enormous and costly efforts by top transportation officials to entice people out of their cars and onto buses and trains.

Disney says they will discriminate on the basis of race
Maybe I am missing something, but what is to stop some otherwise well qualified white or Asian or otherwise non-black sportswriter or sports editor from applying for a job at The Undefeated, getting turned down, and then suing for racial discrimination in hiring, using as evidence Mr. Skipper’s public statement that the the site will be “black-run and black-staffed”?

San Fran schools mull mandatory distribution of condoms to 11-year-olds
San Francisco middle-schoolers could soon have access to condoms at school as part of a proposal currently under consideration by district board members.

Virologist: Legalized Abortion May Have Hindered Zika Research
Virologist Gubio Soares, who first identified the presence of the pervasive Zika virus in Brazil, suggested that legalized abortion in French Polynesia may have prevented scientists from uncovering a link between Zika and severe infant deformities sooner.

“Ant Simulator” Exterminated After Crowdfunding Squandered on Strippers and Booze
Erec Tereshinski’s Ant Simulator has wilted beneath the magnifying glass of two of his closest allies.

How long can Hillary Clinton hide in a parallel universe?
Hillary Clinton’s defense of her seemingly criminal mishandling of the nation’s secrets now looks to be pretty much, I live in a parallel universe.

U.S. “Welcomes” Migrant Children To Sex Slavery
Investigations show the Obama administration doesn’t properly screen or know where to find thousands of migrant children it began accepting in 2012.

Obama Takes Childcare Choice Away From Poor Parents
Next from President Obama’s government by fiat: expanding and centralizing federal control over childcare and preschool.

60% of White Republican Iowans Vote For Black Man, Two Hispanics
Because the DC Media believe it is a powerful weapon that benefits Democrats, nothing will ever stop them from using it. But if this same media truly believed in science and objectivity, the results in Iowa would forever end their relentless smears against conservatives as racists. Tuesday night, one of the whitest and most conservative states in the country — Iowa — gave 60% of the Republican vote to two Hispanics and a black man.

University Of California Faculty Object To Monitoring Of Their Emails, Website Visits
UC Berkeley faculty members are buzzing over news that University of California President Janet Napolitano ordered the installation of computer hardware capable of monitoring all e-mails going in and out of the UC system.

Chicago Theological Seminary Offers “White Privilege Glasses”
“White Privilege Glasses” offered by the Chicago Theological Seminary allow white people the chance to see what only black people can allegedly see, such as women clutching bags on crowded streets, store owners eyeing their customers, and alleged discrimination by the police.

UN Castigates U.S. on Slavery?
After visiting the United States, three members of the “UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent” led by Mireille Fanon Mendes-France (previously seen cheerleading a lawsuit by Caribbean nations against Great Britain for the slave trade) has suggested not only that the United States pay reparations for slavery, but that it also establish a National Human Rights Commission. The statement, based on a preliminary visit interviewing a limited number black activists, immediately became fodder for the anti-American propaganda machine.

Adult coloring book craze booms in US
Intricate adult coloring books are the latest lifestyle craze to grip the United States, generating millions of fans, booming sales and libraries falling over themselves to host workshops.

Five steps to kiss someone without sexually assaulting them
Yes, you read that headline correctly, and yes, it is as ridiculous as you thought.

Male Girl Scout has trouble selling cookies in drag
A boy disguised as a girl scout tried to sell girl scout cookies to a man, who told him that he didn’t want to buy girl scout cookies from a boy disguised as a girl. This led to a major story in the Washington Post the size of an investigation into Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

McDonald’s Mozzarella Sticks Are Now the Subject of a Class Action Lawsuit
The plaintiffs claim the cheese isn’t pure mozzarella like McDonald’s says.

Justice Breyer’s Globalist Legal Agenda
How to explain the difference between progressive pretensions to “activate” liberty – i.e., to vouchsafe “the right of all persons to enjoy liberty as we learn its meaning,” as Justice Anthony Kennedy vaporously put it in imposing same-sex marriage on the nation — and progressive judging’s actual affect of curtailing our freedom to live as we choose? This inversion of democracy, it turns out, flows naturally from Breyer’s inversion of the judicial role

Border agent: “We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether”
In a shocking reversal of policy, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are being told to release illegal immigrants and no longer order them to appear at deportation hearings, essentially a license to stay in the United States, a key agent testified Thursday.

Video Shows Planned Parenthood Executive Sought to Hide Profits from Baby-Parts Sales
A new video released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) appears to show how Planned Parenthood uses accounting gimmicks to hide profits created through the sale of body parts of aborted babies.

Pluto’s mysterious, floating hills
The nitrogen ice glaciers on Pluto appear to carry an intriguing cargo: numerous, isolated hills that may be fragments of water ice from Pluto’s surrounding uplands. These hills individually measure one to several miles or kilometers across, according to images and data from NASA’s New Horizons mission.

Freddie Gray Defense: Legally irrelevant whether Freddie’s knife was illegal
Files motion to keep out issue of legality of “spring-assisted” knife.

This State Could Soon Become First to Stop Transgender Students From Using Opposite-Sex Bathrooms
South Dakota could soon become the first state in the nation to pass legislation that would ban students from using public school bathrooms, locker rooms and showers that are opposite from their biological sex.

Indicted Planned Parenthood Videomaker, Releasing New Sting, Wants to “Send a Strong Message”
The pro-life activist behind a series of undercover videos exposing the practices of Planned Parenthood emerged Thursday from court appearances in Texas vowing to continue his fight for unborn children despite being charged with breaking the law through his tactics.

Cosmo Mag Upset Women are Having More Babies
Babies?! Not more BABIES!!


Economy & Taxes


Germany Considers $5,450 Limit on Cash Transactions
The German government is considering introducing a limit of 5,000 euros ($5,450) on cash transactions in an effort to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism.

If Cam Newton loses the Super Bowl, his California state taxes will be 199% of his earnings
This article is a reminder to all pro athletes why they don’t want to make California their home, and why they don’t want to play for a California team. Indeed, from a tax standpoint, they’d be wise not to play in a western conference — given that many of the games will be with California teams. Cam Newton is learning this lesson the hard way — and doubtless is thanking his lucky stars he plays in an east coast NFL conference.




Migrant centre banned from holding memorial to Swedish social worker ‘stabbed to death by Somali boy, 15’ in case it upsets refugee children
Staff at asylum centre banned from holding memorial for murdered woman

Refugees Go Clubbing In Russia, Harass Girls, Wake Up In Hospital The Next Morning
A group of 51 refugees were brutally assaulted outside a night club in Murmansk, Russia, after they groped and molested women at a night club Saturday.

White Flight: German Families Abandoning “Diverse” Schools
Families in Germany are switching their children’s schools fearing that large amounts of migrants will ruin their child’s chance at a good education.

10-Year-Old Boy Brutally Raped By Iraqi Migrant at Pool in Vienna
An Iraqi migrant has admitted to raping a ten year old boy in a Viennese swimming pool so ferociously that the boy had to be hospitalised for his injuries. The man said he knew it was wrong but couldn’t help himself as he hadn’t had sex in months.




California of the Dark Ages
I recently took a few road trips longitudinally and latitudinally across California. The state bears little to no resemblance to what I was born into. In a word, it is now a medieval place of lords and peasants—and few in between. Or rather, as I gazed out on the California Aqueduct, the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Luis Reservoir, I realized we are like the hapless, squatter Greeks of the Dark Ages, who could not figure out who those mythical Mycenaean lords were that built huge projects still standing in their midst, long after Lord Ajax and King Odysseus disappeared into exaggeration and myth. Henry Huntington built the entire Big Creek Hydroelectric Project in the time it took our generation to go to three hearings on a proposed dam.

How And Why Republicans Should Target Black Voters, Not Latinos
As flawed as the elites’ prescription is, they have two things right. Republicans can’t avoid race, and it makes sense to go after a single racial group. They were just wrong about which race.

Serfs up with California’s new feudalism
Is California the most conservative state? Now that I have your attention, just how would California qualify as a beacon of conservatism? It depends how you define the term.

“Rape Culture” in Tuscaloosa?
Lindsay Macher, Cameron Ridgeway, Jessica Morgan, Jilisa Milton, Rachel Ledbetter, and Isabelle Beauregard are members of the “Feminist Caucus Executive Committee” at the University of Alabama where, to judge from their rhetoric, every male student is a rapist and every female student is a victim.

Want to know why voters are so mad? Mia Love has the answer: Glenn Reynolds
To thrive, voters in a democracy need to understand what is going on better than lobbyists.

It Could Be Worse: On the Left, There’s a Massive F*ckstorm Over the Alleged “BernieBro” Phenomenon
What is the “BernieBro” controversy?

Post-Protest Mizzou: Adverse Consequences of the Capitulation
Nearly three months have passed since student protests upended the institution where I teach law, the University of Missouri (Mizzou). There have been several changes on the Columbia campus.

The Totalitarian Doctrine of “Social Justice Warriors”
Much of SJW’s passion goes into speech and culture policing directed at victimless crimes that violate their moral taboos

Restoring the First Branch
Everyone seems to agree that Congress has in some respects been dysfunctional in recent years, but that agreement actually masks some deep differences. How is Congress dysfunctional? What is the function it is failing to perform?

If you think our culture has degraded, you’re right, and these videos prove it
My son wanted me to watch a video that he and his peers find incredibly funny.

Teen Vogue: Further evidence that conservatives desperately need to enter the world of teenage-girl’s and women’s magazines
Sometimes life has a peculiar harmony. Yesterday morning, Instapundit linked to a post I did in 2012 noting that women’s magazines have been one of the strongest vehicles in America for Progressive propaganda, and agreeing with Glenn Reynolds that conservatives need to get in the women’s magazine business if they want to change the culture.

Thoughts on Economic Freedom
Hi guys, I’m here just coalescing some thoughts and observations. Ace had complained recently that politicians don’t seem to have much of a tongue for conservative philosophy (also known as basic economic facts) anymore.

The Queer Lobby Wants To Make Comic Books Unequal
The LGBT lobby says queer representation in comics will only be a success when the mainstream DC and Marvel characters are gay.

Creeping Totalitarianism at Harvard
In 1987, Allan Bloom’s bestselling book The Closing of the American Mind described how higher education was failing our students and “impoverishing their souls.” Bloom doubted that our colleges and universities could ever reestablish the ideal of a classically liberal education. Sadly, even as academically esteemed an institution as Harvard seems to be proving that Bloom’s skepticism was well-founded.

Feminism: A Problem, Not a Solution
The Ivy League Is Decadent and Depraved, as I reminded readers a few weeks ago, and you’ll pardon me for quoting myself, but the evidence of elite depravity keeps slapping me in the face.

The New Heresy: How SJW’s Distort the Doctrine of Original Sin
Let’s begin today’s post with a disclaimer: I’m not a professional theologian. I’m just an ordinary American Catholic – and a bad one at that – whose forthcoming attempts at doctrinal explication are likely to be imperfect and wholly personal. But be that as it may —

The First World
Forty-five years. It has been forty since the last time a human being (Harrison Schmitt) has set foot on any rock other than Earth.

Our Headlong Charge Back To Pre-Industrial Society
Sometime commenter and beer guru Beeerslinger sent this along. Cocktail guide offers recipes made with urine. it reminded me of the discussion (was it yesterday) about tiny houses, and the Left’s desire to return to a pre-industrial-revolution quality of life.

Why Courts May Declare Animal Personhood
AM Many readers of The Corner, I am sure, understand that many of the most radical social transformations of the last several decades were imposed by courts.

Is Europe worth saving?
Commentary Magazine ran a post asking “Can American Save Europe Again?” It seems to me that the better question is should America save Europe again? Europe is certainly a repository of some of the world’s greatest art and architecture, not to mention some damn fine food, but I am not feeling the love for Europeans, who always seem to learn the wrong lessons from history.

Feminism Is a Synonym for “Shut Up”
Feminists despise all men and never want to hear a man say a word

Where the presidential candidates stand on public land issues Feb7 by
With the Nevada presidential caucuses just weeks away we are offering readers a glimpse into the stances of the candidates on a key issue — federal public lands control.

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