When Segregation Becomes Social Justice

     College campuses are quickly becoming ground zero for the new Politically Correct racial segregation, from racially segregated lounges to racial “safe spaces“.  Now, Oregon State University is hosting racially segregated “Social Justice Retreats“…

“Oregon State University will hold four racially-exclusive ‘Social Justice Retreats’ focusing on ‘white privilege,’ ‘microaggressions,’ and ‘institutional racism’ in the first month of 2016 alone.

“During the weekend of January 8-10, the university will have two retreats — one specifically for white students, ‘Examining White Identity in a Multicultural World,’ and ‘Racial Aikido,’ which is specifically for non-white students.

“According to the university website, the white students’ retreat will focus on ‘white privilege,’ while the retreat for non-white students will seek to ’empower students of color.’


“The university will hold an additional ‘Examining White Identity in a Multicultural World’ retreat specifically for white faculty and staff members on January 8th and 9th.”

"Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!"

     Examples of brainwashed White people who learn to self-loath over their morally impure race:

     On the flip side:

“The video promoting ‘Racial Aikido’ also features a handful of students and staff members–all minorities–discussing the retreat and praising its focus on ‘microaggressions.'”

     “Akido”?  Isn’t that “cultural appropriation”?

     Proper indoctrination of racial grievance ideology requires segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever.  Divide and conquer is the order of the day.

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