Presenting the Future Nebula and Hugo Award Winner

     Considering the dominance of the Social Justice Warriors at the most recent Hugo awards, and the triumph of the same at the Nebula Awards, I present to you the vanguard of politically correct Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors:

     If anyone is “deserving” of the Hugo’s cis-heteronormative Patriarchical award statue, it would be this Special Little Snowflake… right?

     *Trudges back to library and re-reads [Redacted]…*

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9 Responses to Presenting the Future Nebula and Hugo Award Winner

  1. I don’t think they should even bother to write it, just submit that synopsis, and I’m sure they’ll lock up best novel.
    Because having to actually -write- it is racist!!

  2. “…please show me some positive feedback…”

    That’s honestly the worst sign.

    It’s said that a skilled author can take even the worst ideas and still write a good story. But getting good means seeking out criticism. The OP writer isn’t looking to be challenged to grow. He wants his literary biases confirmed.

  3. avatar Wombat-socho says:

    All it lacks is some solarpunk wishcrafting to check off all the SJW boxes.

  4. avatar wGraves says:

    Its formulaic enough…just let the computer write it?

  5. avatar Sporkatus says:

    Actually, an asexual protagonist *wouldn’t* be anything new. That’s a Soviet thing – the Jesus-like New Soviet Man with no need of such things. Have these people never seen Alexander Nevsky? (Stupid question)

  6. avatar Brian says:

    Suffers an instant phail…
    That fat lesbo wolf sounds like a real bitch.

  7. avatar Mool says:

    I WANT to think that’s a satire…

  8. avatar Thomas says:

    My uneducated guess would be – you don’t like alchemy ?