News of the Week (September 27th, 2015)


News of the Week for September 27th, 2015


Obama Scandals


Cubans still Flocking to United States in Deal’s Aftermath
One of the most likely things to change under the Obama administration’s deal with Cuba is our government’s “wet foot/dry foot” policy regarding Cuban migrants. Judging by their actions, it appears Cubans know that their chances of escaping the Castro regime’s tyranny are growing smaller by the day. From the Wall Street Journal

US weighs abstention on Cuba embargo vote at UN
For the first time, the United States may accept a United Nations condemnation of the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba without a fight, The Associated Press has learned.


Gun Rights


Civilian, off-duty cops take down armed man at state fair
A fight between two men at the Oklahoma State Fair quickly escalated when one of the men pulled out a gun, but thanks to the actions of three men – who are now being called heroic – the situation was contained without any serious injuries.

Surrender: San Fran’s iconic, last gun shop to close over new regulations
Ever since it was opened in the 1950s by a celebrated Olympic shooter, High Bridge Arms has been a defiant fixture in San Francisco’s Mission District, but a coming wave of new firearms restrictions has prompted the last gun shop in the liberal City by the Bay to pack it in.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Awaiting Pope, Senate Democrats Push Sweeping Energy Plan
Party leaders unveiled legislation that would include carbon savings and kill big oil tax breaks, though the plan has little chance to move in a GOP-controlled Congress.



Government in Healthcare


Dems call for repeal of ObamaCare’s “Cadillac” plan tax
Nine Democratic senators and independent Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced legislation Thursday to repeal an ObamaCare tax on high-cost health insurance plans, adding their weight behind a rare bipartisan effort to change part of the health care law.


War & Terror


U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies
In his last phone call home, Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr. told his father what was troubling him: From his bunk in southern Afghanistan, he could hear Afghan police officers sexually abusing boys they had brought to the base.

Ottawa officially scraps F-35 purchase as audit pegs costs at $45-billion
Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are officially recanting their 2 1/2-year-old decision to buy the cutting-edge F-35 fighter plane – but the federal government is still resisting calls to hold an open competition to pick Canada’s next jet purchase.

Islamic State executes 10 people accused of being gay in Syria
The Islamic State jihadist group executed nine men and a boy it accused of being gay in central and northern Syria on Monday, a monitoring group said.

Army rejects appeal from soldier discharged after confronting accused Afghan rapist
Even as the U.S. military denies reports that American troops were told to ignore Afghan child abusers, an 11-year Green Beret who was ordered discharged after he confronted an alleged rapist was informed Tuesday that the Army has denied his appeal.

Extremists in Bangladesh publish global hit list of bloggers and writers
Islamic extremists in Bangladesh appear to be taking their war on secular writers and bloggers beyond the South Asian country’s borders.

Ayatollah says Muslim responsibility is to shatter U.S., the “idol of tyranny”
Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, with the ink barely dry on the nuclear deal between his country, the United States and its allies, has issued a “call” for Muslims to help destroy the “idol of tyranny” – America.

Ayatollah says Muslim responsibility is to shatter U.S., the “idol of tyranny”
Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, with the ink barely dry on the nuclear deal between his country, the United States and its allies, has issued a “call” for Muslims to help destroy the “idol of tyranny” – America.

Islamic Radicals Publish Hit List on Bloggers
Secularism vs. Islam




Bernie Sanders Supporters Start Making communist Style Propaganda
The same old left wing activists who created a cult of personality around Obama in 2008 are starting to do the same thing for Bernie Sanders in 2015.

Bernie Sanders talks about his brand of socialism
Bernie Sanders defended his qualifications for the Democratic presidential nomination on Saturday, despite the fact that he’s not a member of the Democratic party, and he outlined what being a so-called “Democratic socialist” means to him.

U.S. House Votes to Make Killing Babies Born Alive During Abortion a Crime
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on Friday that would protect babies born alive during abortion by making it a federal crime to kill the baby after it is born, either by an overt act, or through gross negligence. The bill, entitled the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act was introduced by Congressman Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ).

Pennsylvania Supreme Court strips away State AG Kathleen Kane’s law license.
Can a state Attorney General even do her JOB if her law license is suspended? I suppose that there’s some way to do it – it’s an elected office, in Kathleen Kane’s case – but as a practical matter it seems a bit, well, odd to contemplate. Guess we’re about to find out: “The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has suspended the law license of the Democratic state attorney general Kathleen Kane, who is currently faces eight criminal charges and could see another felony tacked on shortly.”

If You Live in One of These States You’ll Soon Need a Passport for Domestic Flights
To comply with the 2005 Real ID Act, which the U.S. government has been slowly implementing for the past decade, citizens in a number of different U.S. states will now be forced to obtain a passport if they want to board an airplane — even for domestic flights.

FBI Said to Recover Personal E-Mails From Hillary Clinton Server
The FBI has recovered personal and work-related e-mails from the private computer server used by Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state, according to a person familiar with the investigation.

Obama to Bask in Pope’s Aura, But Francis Wants Economic Justice
When Pope Francis meets Barack Obama at the White House on Wednesday, the president will bask in his guest’s moral authority and iconic popularity. But the first pontiff from Latin America is likely to exploit those assets to pressure his host on U.S. global economic leadership.

Marco Rubio passes Jeb Bush in Florida poll; Hillary Clinton weak
Part-time Palm Beacher Donald Trump continues to lead the Republican presidential field in Florida and Sen. Marco Rubio has moved ahead of former Gov. Jeb Bush into second place in a Florida Atlantic University poll conducted after last week’s GOP debate.

Yogi Berra, Hall of Famer and Yankees great, dies at 90
Yogi Berra’s baseball exploits as a New York Yankees catching great spoke for themselves. He spoke for himself in a charmingly fractured way that introduced “Yogi-isms” such as “It’s déjà vu all over again” into the American lexicon.

What Jeb Bush meant when he said the U.S. “should not have a multicultural society”
Jeb Bush made the comment on Tuesday in response to a question from an Iowa woman working with refugees and immigrants living in the Hawkeye State. She wanted to know how the Republican presidential candidate would help people resettling in the United States integrate into society.

“We Should Not Have a Multicultural Society”
So says Jeb Bush, and of course he’s right. Kudos to him for saying so, and let’s hope the other candidates quickly agree. We don’t all have to eat the same foods, and we should be a welcoming nation, but there is some common glue needed to keep our multiracial, multiethnic society together.

Rubio’s Strategy: Be Steady, Let Everyone Else “Fizzle”
Shining debate performances. Good press. Better poll numbers. And the implosion of a rival candidate.

State Gives 10-Yr-Olds Free Birth Control Implants
Children as young as 10 years old are receiving taxpayer-funded birth control in Washington State, according to public records obtained by Judicial Watch from the agency that provides medical coverage for the poor.

What Does Herman Cain Think About Carly Fiorina’s Foreign Policy Ideas?
That odd moment when 2012 made an appearance in the 2016 race

Hillary to Obama: Call off your f***ing dogs!
New book claims Clinton had harsh words for the President over email investigation

Porn Stars Panicked by California Health Record Subpoenas
AIDS Healthcare Foundation says it is simply trying to protect the porn industry from itself.

Cornell Seeks Diversity Ph.D., Qualifications Irrelevant
Cornell University is looking for a tenure track assistant professor whose only qualification is diversity; actual field of study is irrelevant.

Pope devotes one line to abortion in speech to Congress on immigration, climate change, wealth inequality
Believe it or not, the one line he devoted to abortion was one line more than he devoted to the subject of Jesus, who wasn’t mentioned at all in this morning’s speech according to the transcript. Maybe that was a deliberate choice made by Francis, to stick to politics and universal principles before a domestic television audience with many millions of non-Christians. (He did mention Moses.) Or maybe he just had more important things that he wanted to talk about, like the environment.

Pope Francis Never Mentioned Jesus In His Speech To Congress
Although he referenced multiple hot-button political issues in his speech to Congress, Pope Francis didn’t mention Jesus Christ even a single time.

Google Ideas Invites Online Harassers to Talk About Online Harassment
It seems that staff at Google Ideas, the Internet giant’s New York-based think-tank, aren’t very good at googling.

White Utah teen with dreadlocks claims discrimination over hairstyle
A mother in Pleasant Grove is speaking out after her daughter was reprimanded for wearing dreadlocks to the charter school she attends.

John Boehner, House Speaker, Will Resign From Congress
Speaker John A. Boehner, under intense pressure from conservatives in his party, announced on Friday that he would resign one of the most powerful positions in government and give up his House seat at the end of October, as Congress moved to avert a government shutdown.

The United Nations has a radical, dangerous vision for the future of the Web
It may not have intended to, precisely, but the United Nations just took sides in the Internet’s most brutal culture war.

Boehner to resign from Congress on October 30th
Just last night The Hill reported that Boehner ally Patrick McHenry was sniffing around to find primary challengers for Mark Meadows, the GOP rep spearheading the “oust Boehner” movement in the House, presumably to scare Meadows into backing off.

McCarthy on Boehner Resignation: GOP Must “Focus on Healing and Unifying”
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who stepped into the leadership role after Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) primary defeat last year, said this morning that the GOP caucus needs to heal after leadership switches to a new speaker of the House.

Webster: I’ll Seek Speakership, Gohmert Says Hensarling Won’t
Representative Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) stated he will join the race to replace House Speaker Representative Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) on Friday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

How Two Key Conservative Groups Rank House Leadership Contenders
Boehner’s pending resignation creates a vacuum. Here are Family Research Council Action and Heritage Action ratings for those who may fill it.

151 Murders in St. Louis – City Faces Record Homicide Rate Since #BlackLivesMatter Riots
The St. Louis homicide rate is on target to reach its highest level in 20 years.

The Pope’s Viral Encounter With 5-Year-Old Daughter of Illegal Immigrants Was Scripted, Planned a Year Ago
Sophie Cruz’s brief encounter with Pope Francis during his parade in Washington this week appeared to be the kind of spontaneous moment that is so endearing about this pope: an initially hesitant young child wrapping an arm around his neck as he offers a kiss and a blessing.

Pope Francis Compares Transgender People To Nuclear Weapons In New Book
Pope Francis is making waves in the LGBT community again with his most recent comments comparing transgender people to nuclear weapons, saying both do not “recognize the order of creation.”

Student can’t start conservative club because her college already has a non-conservative club
A conservative club is a liberal club is a non-ideological club.

The UN Wants To Censor The Entire Internet To Save Feminists’ Feelings
In other words, if search engines and ISPs don’t comply with a list of the UN’s censorship demands, the UN wants national governments to cut off their access to the public.

Daniel Webster Will Run to Replace John Boehner as Speaker
Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) has announced he will seek to become Speaker of the House of Representatives on the day Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) announced he will resign from Congress. Webster challenged John Boehner for the Speakership in January of this year, as previously reported by Breitbart News.

Pope Says Civil Marriage and Christian Marriage No Longer the Same in U.S.
Pope Francis warns marriage has been stretched and distorted in the United States, to the point where it is no longer even similar to the Christian sacrament of matrimony.


Economy & Taxes


Jeb Bush’s regulation reform plan isn’t bad, but can he be trusted?
Jeb Bush is unveiling a new regulation reform plan which actually isn’t that bad. It includes wanting regulators to remember their “phenomenal cosmic power” is confined, as the Genie would say, into an “itty bitty living space.”




Four out of five migrants are NOT from Syria: EU figures expose the “lie” that the majority of refugees are fleeing war zone
Some 44,000 of the 213,000 refugees who arrived in Europe were from Syria

Dissidents arrested as Pope Francis celebrates his first Mass in Cuba
Pope Francis meets with Fidel Castro in Havana, after an outdoor mass attended by tens of thousands of people in the capital’s Revolution Square

Iraqi soldiers ditching fight against Islamic State, fleeing to Europe for refuge
Some Iraqi soldiers are abandoning their posts and joining a wave of civilian refugees headed to Europe, raising new doubts about the cohesion of the country’s Western-backed security forces in the fight against Islamic State militants.

Muslims are transforming Europe, says Art Garfunkel in warning over dangers of mass migration
While luvvies such as Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch queue up to condemn David Cameron for not allowing more migrants into Britain, one major entertainment figure has bravely voiced an alternative view.

Danish – Swedish Refugee debate with English Subtitles
The debate was recorded beforehand, and anti-refugee critics have speculated that the much later airing time in Sweden was due to political pressure on SVT to keep the Swedish public from seeing the pro-refugee Swedes losing the debate.

IT BEGINS: Muslim demands Munich end “anti-Islamic” Oktoberfest
It was only a matter of time before the “refugees” pouring into Europe and their sympathizers would begin to impose their Islamic will.

Gender Fluidity Promoted To Children As Young As Three, Educators Still Want To Go Further
Children as young as three are being taught about transgender issues and encouraged to discuss feelings of transgenderism, Members of Parliament have been told by a pro-trans organisation, but it wants the government to be more proactive on promoting trans issues in school as it says the number of very young children “transitioning” is “increasing rapidly”.

Golden Dawn Surges in Greek Islands amid Migrant Crisis
Far-left Greek party Syriza had much to celebrate on Sunday, as Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stormed to a more-comfortable-than-predicted reelection victory. Leftists were not the only ones celebrating, however, as neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn saw its best election results yet, coming in third place.

That’s one way to make headlines! Wannabe TV reporter becomes a huge hit in Albania after wearing an open blouse for her screen test… and immediately gets the job
Enki Bracaj did screen tests for Zjarr channel wearing an almost open top

UN Approves New T-Shirt Aimed at Brain-Washing Kids on Socialism
In New York City, at the end of this week, President Obama is set to officially adopt the new United Nations sustainable development plan which is designed to transform the United States into a Socialist nation by 2030. But in order to ensure this new Socialist global agenda is followed, as former U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu once pointed out, it’s best to try and brainwash the young.

Catalonia to vote in fierce independence row with Spain
A bitter standoff dragging in everyone from politicians to footballers hits a climax Sunday when nationalists in Catalonia hope voters will back them to strike out for independence from Spain.

Treat meat eaters like smokers, warns Jeremy Corbyn’s new vegan farming minister Kerry McCarthy
Vegan shadow secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs is on a collision course with British farmers

France’s Le Pen to go on trial for anti-Muslim remarks
French far-right party leader Marine Le Pen will go on trial for comparing Muslim street prayers to wartime Nazi occupation, party officials and the prosecutor’s office said Tuesday.

This Old Dr. From England Refuses to Take Any More Crap from Feminists!
This. Is. AMAZING. First of all, British accents. Because everything that ever needs to be said is said infinitely better when spoken with a British accent.

Russian Ambassador Blames Poland for Starting World War II
Another provocation from Putin.

Muslim Model Hangs Herself to Avoid Arranged Marriage
Another feminist fail.




The 2016 Pack
Plus some thoughts on Michael Walsh’s The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, and the damage inflicted upon American culture by the Frankfurt School.

The Distorted World of Ta-Nehisi Coates
He can be eloquent, but he overlooks vast amounts of evidence about African-American life.

The Confederate flag, the First Amendment and public schools
My view is that Confederate flag displays, which convey a political message (though the meaning of which, of course, is contested), can’t be judged under Fraser. The court in Fraser specifically distinguished Tinker on the grounds that the speech Tinker – the display of black armbands protesting the Vietnam War – was “political.”

Ralph Peters: “2000 Years of Christian Civilization Destroyed on Obama’s Watch”
The Islamic State has managed to destroy two thousand years of Christian civilization in the Middle East in just a couple of years, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters noted on The O’Reilly Factor last week. And he placed the blame squarely on President Obama’s cowardly, feckless, incompetent foreign policy.

If ISIS took over France they would level Versaiiles, or just burn the pictures.
Same with the Louvre. Any statuary embedded in the structures would get a good whacking, of course. Would they jackhammer all the details off Notre Dame? Well, that’s nonsense. Ridiculous to think that any revolutionary madness that upended every precept of the dominant culture would sweep through Paris like a virus.

Dear Hillary: the debate over a law is never “over”
I was somewhat surprised to see Hillary Clinton show up on Face the Nation this morning, mostly because she tends to be somewhat camera shy these days. Still, she did sit down for an interview with host John Dickerson for a series of questions which weren’t exactly hard hitting but at least put her on record about a few things. After working through her usual shtick about how she clearly did nothing wrong in the handling of her emails, Dickerson asked her about her upcoming policy announcement on healthcare.

Here’s Why the Progressive Left Keeps Sticking Up for Pedophiles
Today, Salon gave a platform to a self-confessed pedophile to explain his urges in sympathetic terms. “I’m a Pedophile, But Not A Monster” reads the headline. It’s a long, self-pitying screed that ends with a call to be “understanding and supportive” of adults who crave sexual intimacy with children.

The Muslim Islamophobes Who Agree With Ben Carson
Carson almost literally quoted Islamic doctrine and prominent Muslim leadership, and for this he is labeled a bigot.

Glenn Reynolds: Impeach EPA Admin Gina McCarthy?
Is impeachment the only solution for lack of executive accountability?

Karl Marx’s Revenge: The Frankfurt School won, even though communism lost
Want to know why conservatives face more than an uphill struggle these days?

Europe Imports a “Rape Culture” Feminists Want to Ignore
A growing number of women and young girls housed in refugee shelters in Germany are being raped, sexually assaulted and even forced into prostitution by male asylum seekers, according to German social work organizations with first-hand knowledge of the situation.

Muslim and homosexual bakers decline to make cakes. No one cares.
One of the things that Muslim and homosexual rights activists have in common is that while they use the cry of “equal rights” what they are really campaigning for is a position of privilege where they have rights that are available to no one else.

Killing Babies: It’s Obama Administration Policy
To me, the most shocking moments in the Planned Parenthood videos are the several instances where people associated with the organization appear to talk about killing babies who have been born alive, and selling their organs. I could hardly believe that this was true, and yet it clearly seems to be implied by PP employees themselves. If true, I thought it was a major scandal, worthy of criminal prosecution.

Would a Muslim President Be Good on Gay Marriage?
Because presidential politics are as much about in-group signaling as actual policy, Ben Carson is locked in a media-generated controversy about whether or not he’d be down with having a Muslim president. Carson was asked about this deeply-important question on Meet the Press. He said no. And when confronted with the error of his ways by the bien pensant media, he qualified his no only slightly, saying that the nonexistent Muslim presidential candidate would have to reject the tenets of sharia.

Why Do Muslims Get to Ignore the Same Laws Used to Prosecute Christian Businesses?
As an addendum to Jonathan Last’s piece about the bizarre willingness of liberals rushing to the defense of illiberal Muslims so long as it makes the GOP look bad, BuzzFeed has a nice story up today about a Muslim-American woman embracing her heritage and celebrating Eid.

Liberals Are Done Debating
Not always. Not everyone. But enough.

Pope Francis: Tear Down the Vatican Wall!
With open eyes and an open heart I joined the Catholic Church just a few years ago at the ripe old age of 43. I love my Church and I love Pope Francis and my trip to the Vatican last year was a highlight of my life. Being blessed by Francis in St. Peter’s Square is something I will never forget.

“Camp of The Saints” Seen Mirrored In Pope’s Message
Pope Francis is urging America to throw open her borders to thousands of impoverished migrants, in part to atone for the “sins” of the colonial era.

The Cocked Fist Culture
Crossing the microaggressions minefield

What Next For the House?
Speaker John Boehner’s resignation reflects the fact that virtually every Republican in the United States is disappointed in the Congress. With Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate, it is hard to point to any significant accomplishments in the last eight months. At a minimum, I had expected a Republican Congress to pass a series of popular, conservative measures which the Democrats would be obliged to filibuster (if they had the votes) or veto. Instead, Congress has done little or nothing to put President Obama on the defensive.

Dear GOP House Members – Electing McCarthy Will Fix Nothing
With the breaking news that Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) is resigning as Speaker and stepping down from Congress at the end of next month, the House caucus is going to have to elect a new leader soon. Reading between the tea leaves, you have to imagine that Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) thinks he has this election in the bag.

Speaking of Supreme Court Justices…Share article on Facebook
Breitbart reported last week that Texas Supreme Court Justice (and prolific Twitter-er) Don R. Willett is receiving much-deserved accolades from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who took to Twitter to recommend Willett for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Bobby Jindal Could Still Win Iowa
Mike Huckabee’s support in Iowa started to climb in late 2007. The Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor was stuck in the single digits in the polls in the summer and early fall, but steadily gained momentum as the year came to a close and the 2008 Iowa caucuses approached.

Fiorina supported a type of individual mandate; is this the beginning of her end
Now that Carly Fiorina has emerged as a top-six candidate (at worst) for the GOP nomination, she will receive serious scrutiny. The little scrutiny she has received to date focuses on her record as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

Why Walker Failed and Why Fiorina Is In for Trouble
The battle for the soul of the GOP has just begun.

Inventing the Past – The Great Divorce
So, lately I’ve run into outright attempts to invent the past.

Declining Student Resilience: A Serious Problem for Colleges
College personnel everywhere are struggling with students’ increased neediness.

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