Personhood is a Social Construct

     Are human beings persons?


     But Chimpanzees are!

     A judge ruled that chimpanzees are covered by a writ of habeas corpus.  This implies they are persons, and not property.

     Advocates from the  Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) declared:

“We have the scientific evidence to prove in a court of law that elephants, great apes, and whales and dolphins are autonomous beings and deserve the right to bodily liberty.”

     When is comes to “personhood”, it would seem that species is just a social construct

     Of course, nothing of members of our own species being protected event hey are not ex utero.

Spot the "Person"!

     Fortunately, some sanity was reclaimed when the amended order by the judge was altered to remove the words “writ of habeas corpus” in order to avoid the implication that a chimpanzee was more of a person than an in utero human being.

     How fleeting this sanity is, remains to be seen.

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