Yet More College Leftists Threatening Physical Action

     It has been previously noted that the University of Michigan Black Student Union threatened “physical action” unless their “more-Left-than-Academics” demands were met, and how the university caved.

     It turns out this was the first of many such threats of “physical action” unless their demands are met.

     These demands are:

  • Racial enrollment quotas for Black and Latino students to “at least 10 percent each”
  • “Ensure that 47 percent of post-doctoral students are people of color”
  • “Ban the use of ‘illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, wetback’ and any racially charged term””
  • Mandate cultural competency and sensitivity training for professors
  • “Ask staff/faculty to use students’ and employees’ preferred gender pronouns”
  • Enroll more students in the country illegally (undocumented students); and provide them free legal assistance and financial aid
  • Convert ethnic studies programs into full-fledged departments
  • Incorporate into each department at least one queer studies class
  • Increase the interdisciplinary academic focus on sexualities
  • Enact curricular changes to force students to study social justice and marginalization in depth
  • Provide gender-neutral bathrooms in every building on campus
  • “Create a policy with serious consequences against hate speech/crimes”
  • Create a policy penalizing and discriminating against students who use the Indian mascot
  • Require school’s conservative paper give up “Dartmouth” name if they use term “Indian”

     If history is a guide, Dartmouth will cave.

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