Obama’s Empty Ukraine Threats

     President Obama has been warning Russia of dire consequences if it interfered with the Ukraine, and again with dire consequences if they don’t leave the Crimea, which they are in the process of annexing.  Putin has been ignoring those pathetic threats and acted in the knowledge that the U.S. would not, and could not, stop him from taking over the Crimea.

     Putin got away with stripping South Ossetia and Abkhazia from Georgia back when Bush was President in 2008.  Is there any reason to think that if he was willing to invade his neighbors while the U.S. had a President who was not only willing to invade Iraq and Afganistan, but to do so successfully where the old Soviet Union could not.

     Why does Putin think that he can do anything he wants without fear of reprisal from the United States?  Perhaps because Obama is turning the military into a LGBTQ social experiment:

     Perhaps Trey Parker and Matt Stone explained the type of idiotic mentality that Obama holds best:

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