Venezuela Heading Down the Same Road that Other Socialist Utopias Have

     The common refrain from socialists and fanciers of Communism, when confronted with inevitable decent into tyranny and oppression that Communist and far Left socialist states suffer, is that it just wasn’t done “properly.”  Yet the reason that these states fall into tyranny and oppression is because they are “done right” — Tyranny and oppression are the natural result of those policies.

     Venezuela has fallen far down the hole of authoritarian tyranny to an almost cartoonish super-villain level, such as creating a “Vice-Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness.”  Venezuela has run out of many important medical supplies and even toilet paper.  Their incompetence has even led to their oil industry collapsing, proving that even a profitable industry can be destroyed by utopian socialists.

     Dictator/President Nicola Maduro has already ordered the nationaliztion of many industries and media, while oppressing many small businesses who dare even offer the possibility of disagreeing with the declared socialist utopia, in order to shift the blame to anyone but himself, his policy, and his goons.  Venezuela has gotten to the point where they are arresting protest leaders and political opposition including opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez.  This is no longer working as the hell that Maduro and his predecessor Chavez has crossed the line for the oppressed; they are now fighting back.

     Venezuela is not on the edge of collapse, with some going so far as to say that Venezuela is “on the edge of the apocalypse.”  Maduro has shown that Marxist regimes will act like Marxist regimes: Maduro’s goons are now slaughtering students and protesters.  Dissent will be crushed.  The regime has even been caught using military weaponry against the protesters.

     In summary, we have seen proof of a Marxist dictatorship:

Today we saw all the hallmarks of repression from a dictatorship:

  • media censorship and closing of whoever had to be closed
  • ignorance of the reality as the regime pretends all is fine though an official function (Titanic like orchestra?)
  • brutal and disproportionate repression by police and army
  • arrests by the dozen
  • crimes through pro regime storm troopers
  • pictures of assassinated people popping up on twitter

     Is it any surprise that the broader media are ignoring what is going on, and trying to pretend that this is just a case of “wreckers” and American plots to overthrow a people’s utopia and screeching about illegal coups?

     If the elitist/Leftist media had to go without necessities such as toilet paper, they would be protesting too.  But they don’t because they live in “oppressive” Capitalist countries that have created the prosperity that they leech off of.

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