Progressives’ Double Standard on Women

     The Progressive Left fancy themselves as champions of women, ready to defend women against misogyny and the Patriarchy™.  Yet they are quite willing to attack a successful reformist governor who is pro-life and otherwise conservative.  That is but one of the many, many, many, many examples of the “pro-womyn” Left attacking women who dare think other than what they are told to think.

     An article over at “Acculturated” makes the same point:

“Remember when Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a “slut” and the media had a giant panic attack, and President Obama called to apologize and to thank her for all her great work deceiving women into thinking they could not access contraception and promoting a regulation that has resulted in the biggest religious liberty lawsuit in American history? Of course – it was in the headlines for months.

“Remember when SNL had Miley Cyrus portray Michele Bachmann as a degraded hooker from somewhere straight out of Dante because they didn’t like her role in the government shut down, and all the feminists got so upset and everyone rushed to defend her dignity? No. Of course not.

“The media cares about the dignity of women on the left, not the right, which means they don’t really care about female dignity at all. It’s really getting old.”

     Perhaps the reason so many people ignore the calls to support the Left’s call to fighat against the “war on womyn” is because so many people realize that the Left don’t really mean it.

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