Jesse Jackson’s Hypocrisy is What is “Frowned Upon”

     An Australian athlete was brutally murdered by three boys who were “bored.”  It turns out that at least one of the boys had animus against White people and a desire for revenge against… George Zimmerman.

     Jesse Jackson, who is most famous for standing besides Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he was shot, tweeted that this hate crime ought to be “frowned upon.”


     Jesse Jackson spouted absolute vitriolic hate when he condemned George Zimmerman’s act of self-defense against a gay-bashing druggie thug.

     So, a Hispanic man who was Blacker than Plessy defending himself against a gay-basher is “apartheid” while an innocent man (who happens to be White) being slaughtered is merely “frowned upon”???

     Jesse Jackson does not care about justice or racial equality.  He only seems saddened that hate crime committing thugs didn’t commit their crime in a more appropriate way.

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