The Fundamental Failure of Welfare

     One of the problems with the Welfare State is that it conflated Middle Class accoutrements, such as nice homes, with Middle Class values.  Simply having the accoutrements of the Middle Class will not make one Middle Class, or instill Middle Class values.  It is the work ethic and values of the Middle Class that allowed them to have the nice things; it was their drive and desire to stand on their own two feet and become masters of their own lives that lead to the broad prosperity that is associated with the Middle Class.  Welfare mistakenly flip this cause and effect.

     Section 8 housing, that allows people to live in nice homes without paying much of anything, while actual hard working folk have to save an scrimp to get the same thing, gives nothing more than superficiality to the former, while denigrating the later.

     A couple who rented their home out to such a Section 8 Welfare case demonstrates what happens to people who did not earn those “nice things” and subsequently have to respect for those “nice things” because they can trash it and then just move on like locusts:

     Rather than lift the unfortunate, Welfare drags down everyone to the lowest common denominator.

     This will not end well…

     Hat Tip: “Country Singer” over at the Ace of Spades HQ.

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