Getting Gay with Kids… For Gaia

     The indoctrination by the Progressive left of innocent school children has yet again reached the point of self parody.  The alleged federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit public charity “Earth Guardians” have been mentioned previously for their apparent campaigning for Obama’s re-election.  They have also been spreading anti-fracking propaganda at a local Colorado middle school.

     Listed among their “Advisors” is the Mayor of Boulder, Colorado.

     While many kids see it for the pathetic attempt of some moralizing group to seem “relevant” to them, far too many of these kids have already been primed to accept such idiotic drivel as holy writ.  These “Earth Guardians” use kids to try to convince other kids that they are the solution to fighting “evil corporations” and indoctrinating children so that they can become “leaders of their own Green revolutions” by becoming eco-warriors:

     Their mascot is a child who goes by the Aztec-ish name of Xiuhtexcatl who celebrates Aztec ceremonies in order to “give him a foundation that connects him deeply with the Earth.”

Pictured: The Alternative to Fracking

     Perhaps the unintentional self-parody that this group can best be demonstrated by comparing and contrasted with another such example of kids being used for eco-propaganda.

     Earth Guardians:

     Getting Gay With Kids:

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  1. avatar Cato says:

    This insanity is becoming a clear and present danger. How many people indoctrinated by this “eco warrior” nonsense will decide that reduce, reuse, recycle isn’t enough to sate them and join radical groups like the ELF? One is too many, and this mad cult needs to be investigated and held accountable. Before the Aztec sacrifices are started.

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