Tastes Like… Energy Independence!

     Recently, Democratic Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper has laudably been fighting against excess and crippling regulation of “fracking” (AKA Hydrolic Fracturing) used to tap America’s fast hydrocarbon wealth.  He stood up against the many conspiracy theorists who insisted that “fracking fluid” is pure poison that plutocrats sell in order to buy another ivory backscratcher.  Despite conspiracy theories to the contrary, the fracking fluid included chemicals obtained from the food industry, and was quite safe to drink… though New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg would probably insist on banning anything over 16 oz.

     Even though fracking has the potential to liberate America from foreign energy and to provide a employment to so many, there are far too many people who don’t care about reality, and just want to appeal to elitist Green snobs and otherwise seem like they “care.”  Matt Damon is the perfect example of this, by financing his anti-fracking movie with Saudi petro-dollars; the “science” behind the movie was so fake, that Damon had to come up with a plot-twist in his script that the those who were faking the studies that showed fracking was evil… were from the evil corporation who lied to discredit the anti-fracking forces!

     Of course, some people just have a problem with Mother Earth getting a good fracking now and then…

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