Leftist Approach To Government, In A Nutshell

     Nevada Assemblyman William Horne made a typically inane statement about how Republicans should join in the “solutions” that the increasingly Progressive/socialist Nevada Democrats proffer, or if not then just shut up.  But Assemblyman Horne’s choice of metaphor belies the something deeper when it comes to leftist pseudo-thinking:

     Typical.  Instead of using a more efficient outboard motor, he insists on slaving away to support inefficiency.  With logic like that, is it no wonder that government in inefficient, and incapable of doing anything effectively and efficiently?

     Not leaving well enough alone, Assemblyman Horne insists that his little tweet was a call for “unity.” Telling people to “get out” is not particularly inclusive, now is it? Real people disagree, and if you get everyone paddling in different directions, you end up spinning in a circle. The job of a legislator is not to move the state this way or that, but to be a steward, with changes being limited to rare instances of absolute need. Assemblyman Horne’s tweet demonstrates that he, like most of the legislators, just don’t get it.

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