A Most Murderous Monopoly

     The failure of gun control measures to stop criminals in the U.K. is well noted.

     British doctors, no longer being able to blame the legality of guns for the high violent crime rates in the U.K., are trying to make long kitchen knives illegal.  With knives already highly regulated, yet violent crimes involving knives are rising.

     Perhaps, many British doctors who work in the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) don’t actually care whether or not banning long kitchen knives will do anything in regards to violent crime rates. Maybe, just maybe, these doctors are jealous that they don’t have a monopoly on killing people?

     Beyond killing babies and the elderly via torturous methods, the NHS is killing thousands of patients a year through sheer incompetence.

     Instead of banning guns and knives, perhaps the U. K. should protect the people from the real threat to people’s very lives: Socialized healthcare. As the veritable Iowahawk pointed out:

     Though the NHS is busy aiding and abetting necro-pedophilia, as well as trying to prevent a modern-day Julia Child from lurking in kitchens throughout the U.K., it is only a matter of time before British doctors demand we outlaw fruit and pointed sticks.

     Is this what this is coming to America via Obamacare?

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