The Incredible Lightness of Being… State Treasurer

     With the biennial Nevada legislature kicking off for their 120-day limited threatening of life, liberty, and property, the idiocy of politicians steps out even more front and center than usual.

     Sadly, with an early lead out of the starting-gate, Nevada Treasurer Kate Marshall has already made numerous vapid babblings already.

     It is a bit frightening to think that Nevada’s finances are in the hands of someone who thinks that the elimination of the debt in 1835-1836 caused the British to be successful in the war of 1812, which resulted in the financial actions of Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, who was killed in 1804.

     Unless she tweeted all this in order to avoid the destruction of humanity from a Star Trek: TNG plot point with the assistance of Q, there really is no excuse for such idiocy.

     To make matters worse, she wants to be responsible for running elections in Nevada, and is planning to run for Secretary of State. Perhaps the trope of a Democrat announcing the election results before the votes are cast will come true.

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