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Aftermath – Election Postmortom

     When I was making predictions as to I mentioned that I felt being a bit of a “Pollyanna.”  And was I ever!      At least I have the solace that I was not alone.  Most on the right were predicting a … Continue reading

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Biden Lied! People Died!

     At the Vice-Presidential Debate, Vice-President Joe Biden harangued Rep. Paul Ryan for “putting two wars on a credit card” by voting to authorize the use of force against Afghanistan and Iraq.      Turns out Biden was fibbing. Tweet

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A Look Back on Vice-Presidential Debates

     Thursday, Oct. 11th marks the first, and only, Vice-Presidential debate for the 2012 election.      While many are concerning themselves with the upcoming debate/battle (20 Million Quatloos on the young one!), let us take a gander at the past eight Vice-Presidential … Continue reading

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