Restricting Freedom For The Common Good

     Ireland is considering a law that would jail people for expressing “hate speech”.

“Irish citizens who campaign against transgender women being able to use female changing rooms or crisis centres risk jail under an “Orwellian” hate-speech law, critics have claimed.

“The Irish senate last week debated the controversial Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill 2022.

“The bill seeks to expand the range of people protected from hate speech to include those with ‘gender identities’, including transgender or ‘gender other than those of male or female’.

“Supporters of the bill argue that Ireland needs to update its hate-speech protections to match the evolution of society and social media.”

     And yes, restricting freedom for what the state of Ireland considers “the common good” is exactly what they are openly saying they are doing.

     No, restricting inalienable human rights does not serve “the common good”.

     ‘Tis something that some on the purported right who are itching to empower the state “for the common good” should be wary of.

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