Teaching Racial Hate In California

Meanwhile, in a California Ethnic Studies Class…

      Just as soon as you thought students in California were safe from social justice studies, like chanting to Aztec gods, they come out with two “ethnic-studies” curricula that enshrine Critical Race Theory and a pedagogy of praxis.

      First is “Ethnic Studies: World Geography” which presumes a social Marxist style oppressor/oppressed dynamic with the assumption that Europeans who came to America and the indigenous groups were the innocent oppressed… despite the fact that the Aztec and Inca empires were some of the most brutal, murderous, and oppressive empires known to mankind with many native people flocking to the Spaniards as liberators. It also teaches to non-White students that they are oppressed and if they don’t think so they will be taught to be!

“Ethnic Studies: World Geography is a full-year social-studies course for high-school students in the district, and its stated purpose is to study “political and social hegemonies between cultures of power and indigenous groups” as a way to “develop empathy for individuals and groups as well as to challenge established stereotypes and Eurocentric perspectives of disputes between cultures of power and populations.”

“‘Essential questions’ posed to students throughout the course include: ‘How do insecurities in regards [sic] to self-image affect communities of color?’; ‘What role does white privilege play in the disenfranchisement of the perspectives and challenges of communities of color?’; ‘What [are] examples of racism, colorism, or white supremacy in your daily life around Santa Ana?’”

      Second is “The History 10 Ethnic Studies World History” bashes both the U.S. and European nations as alien overlords who gain nothing from making the land useful… oh and also Israel is also an evil oppressor. These “settler democracies” are considered “ethnocracies”… despite that fact that the U.S. is multiracial with the right to vote not limited by race since the 15th Amendment or that Israel has Muslims, Christians, and Druze, as well as Jews, of various races as citizens with the right to vote and where non-Jews serve in the Knesset.

“The History 10 Ethnic Studies World History course establishes similar overarching goals related to privilege, power, and intersectionality. One teacher-reference source, The Dark Side of Democracy: Explaining Ethnic Cleansing, cited in the course asserts, ‘the Palestinian cause is decidedly proletarian in its tone, seeing its oppressor as an exploiting and colonial Israel — backed up by American imperialism — while Israelis and Americans claim they are defending civilization against primitive terrorists.’ It muses that ‘perhaps settler democracies are better described as ethnocracies, democracy for one ethnic group, [such as] Israel’ and argues that ‘from John Locke to contemporary Israelis dispossessing Palestinians, Europeans have argued that those who work and improve the land are entitled to it.’ It also claims that ‘Israelis have been cleansing the occupied territories of native Arabs,’ an act that was ‘renewed again in the Jewish land-grabbing of the past few years.’”

      Teaching hatred of uni-racial oppressors (and yes, Jews are White to them) is and ought to be odious, but it will be taught and parents won’t care if they are not directly bothered about it, which suits the educational indocrinators just fine.

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