Social-Emotional Learning

     The Woke Left work in the shadows, via nice sounding organizations that crouch their evil in nice sounding words, all of which lulls the populous, and especially parents, into a slumber while children are indoctrinated.

     The story of a former teacher who witnessed this first-hand is chilling.

“What is social-emotional learning?

“By now, many Americans are aware of critical race theory, which makes race the focus of all aspects of American life. The philosophy categorizes individuals into groups of oppressors and victims, and is currently making its way through the political sphere, the military, and of course, education.

“But less well known is its ideological cousin, social-emotional learning. The program seeks to indoctrinate kids into leftist ideology by reinforcing a series of critical race theory-based morals and values.

“Jennifer McWilliams was working as a reading teacher at Frankton Elementary School in Indiana when she noticed that social-emotional learning was being taught as part of the curriculum at her school. When she voiced her concerns about the racist ideology, she was summarily fired.”

     A full interview can be heard below:

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