Asians Are Now Persons Of Pallor

     The woke narrative of how American society was a “system of oppression” that perpetuates “white supremacy” is complicated by the fact that many non-White ethnic groups statistically do better—in some cases much, much better—than Whites as a whole, and more so over poor Whites. So, how do you argue that “people of color” are being oppressed by American society?   Just declare those non-White ethnic and/or racial groups to not be persons off color, like the North Thurston Public Schools in the state of Washington did!

     This isn’t the first time that non-White ethnic/racial groups have been declared part of the “kyriarchy” and of benefiting from “white supremacy”.   Indeed, the magical ability of “whiteness” is to become all encompassing and transcending the boundary of race itself!

     Unsurprisingly, once this insanity was aired in public, the document in which this was shown for all to see was deleted from the school district’s webpage. But the internet is forever.

     The document can be read below:

Monitoring Student Growth by ThePoliticalHat

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