An Old But Salient Message For Everyone Post-Election

     For most Americans, nothing really changed between Tuesday and Wednesday. They voted and then went on with their lives. For some people who give all their heart and emotional energy in the outcome of a single election, they either became ecstatic or became despondent and perhaps also livid.

     And all that with the ballots still being counted.

     Recounts will change things or they won’t.   Lawsuits will succeed or they won’t.   Fraud will be proven or it won’t.   The people whose job it is to deal with all that will deal with it. Unless you are one of these people, stop obsessing over what you can’t control and start working towards the future.

     In other words:

     Let your emotions settle, clear your mind, and allow yourself to consider the future in a calm and rational matter. I myself will collect my thoughts on the election and write about it at the end of the week instead of the day right after the election.

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