Totalitarian Salutes


     Just as “Black Lives Matter” has become a woke shibboleth, the raised fist salute of defiance, with origins of the terroristic Wobblies and other hard Left ideologies, like Communism, has become the signifier of support for totalitarianism, much as the fascist hand salute was.

     Ah, but one might say that one was a fist of defiance, while the other in an open handed salute of support, right? Wrong: Both are a salute of support of what was considered the “correct” means and ends, that stand in defiance of the “institutionally privileged”. Both the open handed salute and the closed fist crushing opposition has been used by Communists/Assorted Hard Leftists and National Socialists.

     In both cases, it isn’t a question of opposing oppression, but of who gets to be the oppressor.

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