Florida vs. The Gaia Cult

     With the Florida Democratic Party supporting the concept of “nature rights” by which swamps and such are given legal rights, including a legal right for eco-nutjobs to sue on nature’s behalf, it was almost inevitable that the state of Florida would consider what the state of Ohio did: Explicitly banning any such “nature rights” insanity.

“Right now, nature-rights laws in the U.S. are being passed at the municipal level, with more than 30 cities already passing such laws. […] Florida Republican state representative Blaise Ingoglia has authored a bill to outlaw municipalities from passing nature-rights laws in the Sunshine State. From HB 1199:

“‘A local government regulation, ordinance, code, rule, comprehensive plan, charter, or any other provision of law may not recognize or grant any legal rights to a plant, an animal, a body of water, or any other part of the natural environment that is not a person or political subdivision…or grant such person or political subdivision any specific rights relating to the natural environment not otherwise authorized in general law or specifically granted in the State Constitution.’”

     With actual human rights being increasingly treated as dispensations from the government, rights given to swamps and such could easily trump actual human rights. A stand must be made now before this craziness becomes too normalized.

     The full bill as introduced can found here or read below:

Florida HB 1199 (2020) by ThePoliticalHat on Scribd

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