Los Angeles To Go Full-In With Racial Equity

     Disparate impact is the purported idea that any inequality of results is due to nefarious structures of oppression, and that in order to achieve “equity”, “justice” demands not that there be an equality of results, but rather an equality of civic power which requires that “privileged” groups must be made worse off than the “oppressed” groups, materially, legally, and spiritually.

     This Orwellian, in regards to “equity” as it applies to race, has come to the City of (Fallen) Angels has gone full IngSoc.

“The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday, Dec. 10 to create an Office of Racial Equity, which will be tasked with examining economic disparities among groups of Angelenos and advising the council on possible solutions.

“Councilmen Herb Wesson, Marqueece Harris-Dawson and Mitch O’Farrell came up with the idea to create the office and a Racial Equity Advisory Committee.

“’We see inequity all the time, it comes to us … we see testimony about it all the time,’ Harris-Dawson said. ‘It was Council President Wesson that said, “We need to have a family meeting and talk about this.”’

“The City Council voted unanimously, 14-0, to create the office, which will be in charge of monitoring data through a ‘racial equity impact tool,’ creating ideas for civic engagement, examining government policies that could affect certain groups, and providing a report on inequities throughout the city.”

     Los Angeles is not the first city to push for “equity” enforcing bureaucrats, and city bureaucracies are only the most opaque vectors of the equity disease. But the sheer fact that more and more cities have not only surrendered to this viral attack on equality under the law, but are now openly championing it, is fair warning that the fight against the tenets of the hard Left is much worse, and perilous, than most of us had thought.

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