The Inequality of Equity

     The City of Oakland, whose past Mayors include a communist and a man known as “Moonbeam,” has established a department of “Race and Equity“:

“Supporters of a controversial department of race and equity packed a special Oakland City Council meeting Monday, ultimately persuading the council to establish the department [of Race and Equity] permanently.


“But champions of the councilwoman’s department, who arrived to Monday’s meeting displaying blue ‘Equity 4 Oakland’ signs, were competing with a number of other causes, including public libraries, the Oakland animal shelter, and community organizations that serve sexually exploited minors.”

     Note, that the department is not one of “equality”, but of “equity”.

     It is not about equal rights or equal access, but of “equity”, which is the dividing up of results so that those who do better must sacrifice to those who did worse.

     This does not mean, in reality, that anything will be divvied up for each individual, or even for each racial, sexual, &c. group.  Without doubt, the elite will funnel funds for themselves, then blame the lack of funds for the people on whatever boogie-man-dejure is fingered.

     In effect, it means that your equity is for others to declare moral approval on.

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