Climate Madness: Pandemic in the Democratic Presidential Primary

     In an unwitting attempt to sway the 2020 Presidential Election, CNN hosted a climate shindig where the Democratic candidates for the Presidency went out of their way to out-woke each other with the most “watermelon” of eco-solutions to what they all consider to be the unsealing of the seventh seal of the eco-apocalypse.

     Kamala Harris, for example, wanted to restrict—or even ban—the consumption of red meat. Andrew Yang, in contrast, wanted global vegetarianism.

     Bernie Sanders, not to be outdone, and in homage of his Communist heroes, suggests outright curbing population growth and numbers.

“Sen. Bernie Sanders was asked if he’d make curbing population growth through birth control a key part of his climate plan.

“’The planet cannot sustain this growth,’ the voter said while asking the question.

“Sanders said he would”.

     Yang, not willing to just limit us to mandatory vegetarianism, also wants to take our cars.

“During Wednesday’s seven-hour Climate Hoo-Ha ordeal on CNN, Yang offhandedly proposed buybacks of regular cars — you know, the ones you can drive more than 300 miles even in winter, and can fill up anywhere to 100% in just a few minutes — and stick us all in electric vehicles which he insists ‘we are all going to love’

“He admits that there will still be some ‘legacy gas-guzzlers’ on the roads when he’s president, but “some” indicates the sheer scale of his ambition and/or ego. There are more than 270 million motor vehicles licensed in the United States alone — the vast, vast majority of which are gas/diesel/hybrid. Annual passenger car/light truck sales are highly variable, but last year totaled about 17 million. If Yang were to wave a magic wand and mandate nothing but e-car production from now on, it would still take about 15 years to replace American’s existing inventory of ICE vehicles.”

     As if thinking all that wasn’t enough, Julian Castro wants to make it easier to file lawsuits over “environmental racism”.

     Buttigieg, meanwhile, went full scold and blamed the death of Gaia on people who… eat tasty burgers or use straws.

     Harris also echoed the jihad against straws.

     Heck, they were all for banning all the things!

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