Venezuela: The Tyrants and the Tyrannized

     The Chavista hellhole that Venezuela has become seems to be surviving due to assistance from foreign nations like China and the selling off of what little assets Venezuela has… and also piracy and hijacking. After all, they have to fund those death squads and kidnappings somehow!

     There aren’t many options left, as the self-declared interim President Juan Guaido is folding, leaving few people left aside from former regime baddies.

     And all the while, the people continue to suffer. Not only is the country with the worlds greatest oil reserves suffering an oil crisis and inflation at just under one million percent (with U.S. Dollars replacing inflated currency), but hospital shortages have become a death sentence for children, schools are dying off, infrastructure is self-destructing, and towns are otherwise slipping into primitive isolation.

     It’s gotten so bad, that not only are the people looting graves and stripping the dead, but criminals can’t even afford bullets!

     You know it’s bad when crime really doesn’t pay. But then, the government hates competition…

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