Canadian Hospital Urgent Care Waiting Room To Patients: Kill Yourself

     A public information announcement at the William Osler Health System encourages patients in its urgent care waiting room to “end their suffering” by offing themselves.

“The ad oozes compassion. The visual is a photo of a male doctor’s hand gently resting on the arm of a woman in a hospital bed, accompanied by the following text:

“‘Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) 

“‘MAiD is a medical service in Canada, whereby physicians and nurse practitioners help eligible patients fulfill their wish to end their suffering.’

“The PR notice then provides a toll-free phone number that people interested in being killed can call to obtain more information.

“This is profoundly abandoning. Realize, these patients may be afraid. They may be in pain. They may be depressed. And what one act does the hospital from which they seek succor push? Killing.”

     Sadly, in Canada, this is par for the course

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