Euthanizing Kids Without Parents Knowing

     Canada, ever on the forefront of normalizing death as a “safe and effective” medical procedure, not only wants to euthanize minors, but make sure that this happens without parental consent… or even knowledge.

     An article in “Journal of Medical Ethicsmakes the case for it:

“In a flowchart that outlines how a medically induced death would occur at Sick Kids, authors Carey DeMichelis, Randi Zlotnik Shaul and Adam Rapoport do not mention conversation with family or parents about how the child dies until after the death occurs in the ‘reflection period.’

“Patient confidentiality governs the decision about whether or not to include parents in a decision about an assisted death, the authors said. If capable minors under the age of 18 stipulate they don’t want their parents involved, doctors and nurses must respect the patients’ wishes.


“The proposed policy for Sick Kids argues that there is no meaningful ethical distinction between a patient choosing to refuse burdensome treatment and accepting an inevitable death versus patients who choose to die by chemical injection before the disease brings on death. Legally, Ontario does not require parents to be involved in a capable minor’s decision to refuse further treatment, therefore there is no legal reason to require parent involvement in an assisted death, according to the Sick Kids policy.”

     Can you imagine anything more devastating than a representative of a socialized “healthcare” system, where they have to severely ration resources and care, tell you that they convinced your child to kill themselves after the deed was done?

     What is perhaps most frightening is that this comes shortly before the Council of Canadian Academics is to publicly release a report on medical assistance in dying to the Canadian Parliament.

     After all, when the government straight up killing your kid is considered “safe and effective”, one must ask themselves if there is any horror that the Canadian government isn’t capable of perpetrating?

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10 Responses to Euthanizing Kids Without Parents Knowing

  1. avatar Captain Ned says:

    This is how the Butlerian Jihad starts.

  2. avatar Tex Lovera says:

    Fucking ghouls.

  3. avatar PBJ88 says:

    People read the Bible and wonder how any person could be convinced to willingly put their children into the fire and believe it was good.

    But it’s happening before our very eyes. The abortion lovers have already convinced a great deal of people that “putting your child into the fire” is good if you don’t feel ready to deal with having a child.

    It’s not crazy to see how “putting your child into the fire” for the good of society’s access to healthcare will eventually be accepted by people.

  4. avatar jakee308 says:

    A minor child is not capable by definition.

    And this is the system the Democrats hold up to be the epitome of Health Care.

    And so do the Canadians.

    This is despicable. This is frightening. This is godless and demonic.

  5. avatar Tonestaple says:

    Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

    Poor Canada. When you murder your children for no reason other than convenience, you’ve gone a good long way down the path to your own tausendjaehrige reich.

  6. avatar FaCubeItches says:

    “one must ask themselves if there is any horror that the Canadian government isn’t capable of perpetrating?”

    Sure, there are plenty of them: using the “N-word;” being transphobic, homophobic, Islamophobic; being anti-immigrant; acting to stop the coming white genocide in South Africa….you name it.

    Snuffing a few mewling boink-trophies from the masses is perfectly fine as far as governments go. It is, pardon the pun, a baby-step towards liquidating a lot more of the masses.

  7. avatar GWB says:

    capable minors under the age of 18
    By legal definition – in most cases (used to be in *EVERY* case) – there is no such thing as a “capable minor”. That’s the whole friggin’ point of them being a MINOR.

    They can’t make contracts, they can’t drink, they can’t vote, they can’t drive (with exceptions and limitations), they can’t buy a dadgum gun, they can’t generally join the military without a parent’s permission.

    How on earth can they possibly decide to DIE?

  8. avatar Jeff Powell says:

    I’ve been watching the Amazon mini-series “Man in the High Castle”, placed in an alternate universe in which the Nazis won WWII, and America was occupied by the victors. The show posited a situation in which a 15-16 year-old boy (son of one of the main characters) is imbued with Nazi propaganda and surrenders himself for euthanasia against his parents’ wishes. This situation is played as an abomination, which it is.

    The supreme irony is that the producers of the series are undoubtedly leftists who would champion that very same policy as a beneficial feature of Canadian socialized medicine.

  9. avatar Ray Van Dune says:

    After growing up in the US, graduating college, and serving in the US military, I spent a number of years living in Canada, because that’s where the first good job opportunity popped up. Had a good time and a basically positive impression of it, but now that I have been back in the USA for 20 years or so, I realize there was something different there. They had an awful lot of professional-class Brit immigrants for one thing. It seemed like those Brits were a bit more inclined to want to do stuff like is described in this article. And many Canadians seemed to think those Brits were some kind of wiser race, and took their cue from them. Most of the Canucks I actually got close to did not like the Brits at all, and assumed that having fucked up their own country, they were now “over here to fuck up ours”. I think they had a point there.

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