Normalizing Organ Harvesting as a Form of Euthanasia

     More and more “doctors” are openly advocating harvesting organs from still living donors as a form of euthanasia. This penchant for a medical version of Aztec cosplay is seen both in Europe and in North America. Yet another call for death by donation has crept up, this time in the New England Journal of Medicine.

“Canadians Ian Ball and Robert Sibbald from Western University, along with Robert Truog from Harvard, recently published an article in the New England Journal of Medicine calling for organ donation from euthanasia victims.

“They went so far as suggesting pulling the organs from the still-alive ‘donor’ such that removing the organs would cause the donor’s euthanasia itself. The fresher the better. The transplant surgeons thus become both the one who sustaines life for one, and the dealer of death for the other. All it takes, according to the authors, is a few simple tweaks to legislation…”

     All this just in time for legislative revisions!

“More changes are expected in December from the Council of Canadian Academies’ report to the Minister of Health, which will address assisted suicide for the mentally ill, mature minors and use of advanced directives.”

     Gideon J. Tucker was right when he said “No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session”…

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4 Responses to Normalizing Organ Harvesting as a Form of Euthanasia

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  3. avatar Paul says:

    Well, of course. Where did you THINK that legal abortion-on-demand would eventually lead? Logically it could lead nowhere else. Once you successfully devalued, and further, actually monetized, the lives of the most innocent (and, as we have seen, harvest their organs) what remains to be forbidden? As the elderly in Europe are discovering, being involuntarily euthanized, (but only with a doctor’s consent, of course) means that granny and gramps will no longer be a drag on the family, or the health care system or, by extension, society as a whole. And it does speed up getting one’s mitts on that sweet inheritance you’d been waiting for while granny insisted on dragging this out. I mean really! How inconsiderate of you people to think that those organs were yours! You’ve only been holding them in trust. They belong to all of us. (And thanks ever so much for exercising regularly, eating vegan, and not smoking, BTW. Much appreciated.)

    Once again, life imitates art. Monty Python predicted all of this:

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