Kernal of Social Justice

     The threat from “Social Justice” in technology comes not just from corporations, but now can be found in the open source community, as can be seen by Linux adopting a “social justice” friendly “code of conduct” (CoC), where vague prohibitions of trolling and “insulting” comments come hand in hand with punishing people for “improper” pronouns.

     This new “code of conduct” is already being used as a cudgel to punish the doubleplusungood unpersons:

     However, ironically enough, this very same CoC could be used by those burned by the SJWs to burn Linux to the ground:

     This isn’t just limited to Linux’s kernal, however, but also to others, such as with PHP, and will purge good programmers just as what happened with Brendon Eich who was working with Firefox. Eich rebounded and started the Brave Browser project, and perhaps this could happen again, though a bit more easily, especially with various flavors of BSD available.

     Hat Tip: Pixy Misa.

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