What Does A Socialist Dictator Do When People Flee? Blame The “Wreckers” While Living High On The Hog!

     What do you get when you combine hyperinflation, mass unemployment, a destroyed education system, and murder rates that make war zones look safe?

A hellhole that people are trying to escape from no matter what, despite even countries that Venezuela doesn’t even border need to crack down on the wave of refugees. Of course, considering that this has led to a measles epidemic in Brazil, it is understandable.

     Some are wondering if Venezuela will explode before it implodes. It is already exploding, literally:

     Regardless, it’s hard to “explode” when dissenters are being rounded up as Kulaks and “wreckers”.   And all the while Maduro leads the way by living high on the hog… or perhaps more accurately, living like a hog…

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