The Venezuelan Horror Continues to Horrify

     Venezuela has entered the phase where it is openly arresting foreign oil executives for the crime of being convenient scapegoats for the horror that Maduro, and Chavez before him, have created. This as one of the most oil richest nations on the planet is forced to import barrels of oil at a net loss of $80 to $90 a barrel.

     But like any advanced socialist hellhole, the nomenklatura live a life of luxury… in Miami! Case in point, former Chavez bodyguard/thug Alejandro Andrade:

“One of these wealthy socialists is Alejandro Andrade, a former bodyguard for Hugo Chávez who rose to become Venezuela’s national treasurer. The 53-year-old Andrade now lives on a fabulous estate in Wellington, Florida, an exclusive community just west of West Palm Beach, which Money Magazine once ranked as one of America’s 100 best places to live.

“In recent articles about Andrade’s lavish lifestyle, the Palm Beach Post and Miami Herald reported that Andrade has for at least six years occupied a palatial 9,000-square-foot house with five bedrooms, marble floors, and a swimming pool. The house was purchased for $4.75 million through a shell company, the Palm Beach Post reported, and sits on a six-acre estate in a gated community in the heart of “horse country” – a perfect location for Andrade who keeps some 60 horses in a large barn. Their names include Bon Jovi and Armani Z. His son Emanuel Andrade, an Olympic equestrian, hangs out with the rich and famous, including American model Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashian clan, the Palm Beach Post reported.”

     Who here in America would defend this regime? The usual suspects, of course!

” In a statement obtained by The Claremont Independent, Scripps College’s administration defended inviting two Venezuelan diplomats last week to speak about their totalitarian government’s ‘grassroots initiatives.’

“This semester will be the second in a row that Scripps has invited Venezuelan officials to whitewash the country’s economic and human rights woes, with pro-Venezuelan regime speakers and a Venezuelan consul-general speaking last semester as well.

“Despite the Independent pointing out in an editorial that Scripps refused to allow this publication to invite conservative speaker Andrew Klavan, Scripps has maintained that it invites speakers in an effort to ‘create an opportunity for dialogue.'”

     Why not create a forum for dialog for those few remaining farms that can still produce food… at least enough to feed their own starving workers, or others suffering from economic collapse and hyperinflation? Or perhaps let some of the plethora of refugees fleeing Venezuela on a level that puts more famous refugee crises to shame? Or perhaps the family of the victims of murder, who were so readily disarmed by Venezuela’s anti-right-to-bear-arms regime?

     Why isn’t anything being done? Because of paralysis.

“At the leftmost side of the spectrum, you have the monolithically and now all-mighty socialist party and their asphyxiating regime; now triumphant, unchallenged, with the power to rewrite the constitution at will, without a real opponent. One thing is for sure, they’ve known how to play all of their cards with cunning and wit at the most precise of moments in order to perpetuate their Revolution.

“They no longer care if the entire world denounces and rejects them as long as they are able to continue ruling over this country, they don’t care if they have to keep giving away our resources to Russia, China, and God knows who else as long as they can keep their whole gig rolling even if the country’s engine is leaking oil and smoke’s coming out of it, after all, they’re on an eternal mission to free us from the ‘Evil US Empire’ .

“A tiny bit further to the right but still in the left side of the field, you have the MUD (or whatever new name they have now, everyone seems to be forming some sort of ‘Broad Front’ of their own these days), a bunch of buffoons that are content with playing the role of the eternal jobber.

“The government calls them right wing, the extreme right, the ultra-right, fascists, and a whole array of other epithets and adjectives, but the reality is that the whole group is center-left at best; the worst part is that they’re content with the government calling them something they’re not, they’re happy playing that role.

“A textbook case of battered woman syndrome, these beaten MUD spouses enjoy being thrown and abused by the government so long as they get just a tiny slice of power—no matter how ultimately irrelevant it is in the grand scheme of things; throw them a governor’s seat, a major here and there and they’ll perceive it as a victory.

“That’s it, that’s all the choices you have here when it’s time to support a political side. Surely, you must be wondering why something new hasn’t joined the fray after all these years. The answer is that neither side will allow a much-needed new team to enter the political field; they will each do anything in their power to make sure the status quo and this farce of a ‘stalemate’ continues, both of them need that, they need each other right where they’re at so they can continue playing the same roles and the same narratives they’ve played for nearly two decades now while Socialism continues to lay waste to what’s left of this country.”

     Little wonder that skilled professionals are amongst the many fleeing, and are forced to go from things like dentistry to… anything that might land them a job anywhere.

     Unsurprisingly, the socialists claim to want to protect indigenous peoples from “capitalism” becomes a sick joke when said socialism is responsible for the conditions conducive to the spread of Malaria and AIDS.

     That’s correct. Socialism begets AIDS amongst the poor indigenous of Venezuela.

     The future does not sound bright:

“As long as this status quo stands so too will the Socialism that has taken so much from us will; the only reason This ‘XXI Century Socialism’ has lasted this long is because both the government and the opposition have made sure that it does.

“As long as all of it remains then we won’t be able to save this country and its people, but both sides have rigged the game in their favor and have no interest in breaking that which they’ve both collectively built from the ground up.

“Its over, pack your things and go.”

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