Republicans Should Be Hitting The Panic Button

     Since November 2016, a clear trend has emerged from special elections, primaries, and regularly scheduled general elections: Democrats are energize, organized, and have demonstrated a capability to turn out en masse and massively narrow normal Republican margins if not outright winning seats they would never have been able to win before. Some people have seen the obvious and are telling Republicans that they ought to be terrified of the November coming fire.

     Now, it has become even more clear that Republicans should be hitting the Panic Button: A Wisconsin Supreme Court election, they type of election where conservatives and Republicans usually turn out far better than Democrats and the Left, has been won by an outspoken liberal by a wide margin. How bad is it? Gov. Scott Walker is outright sounding the alarm that a Blue Wave is coming.

     The veritable Brandon Finnigan, who runs the non-partisan Decision Desk HQ* and is probably one of the most informed election analysts out there, has made it very clear Republicans who aren’t hitting the panic button have their head in the sand.

      * Full disclosure: I’ve contributed to the Decision Desk HQ’s reporting.

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