German Rape — Turkish Delight

     In an age where a woman is considered to have been raped if she changes her mind after a consensual encounter, it would be reasonable to assume that a woman who screams for her rapist to stop as she fights back would be just as much of a rape victim. However, in Germany, if the victim is a German woman, and the rapist is one of the countless imported immigrants, it isn’t rape, but rather cultural enrichment.

“A German judge has acquitted a Turkish man of rape, despite the fact that he forced a woman to have sex with him, and left her incapacitated. The judge argued that in ‘the mentality of the Turkish cultural circle,’ what the woman ‘had experienced as rape’ might be considered merely ‘wild sex.’ The judge refused to convict the rapist, because ‘no intention is demonstrable.’


“In other words, the judge acquitted a rapist — whom the court had ‘no doubt’ forced the victim to have sex with him — on the grounds that his culture might not have considered the sex — which left the girl unable to run for two weeks — to be rape.”

     The excuse was that the victim admitted that she didn’t know if in Turkish culture rape is rape:

“She could not judge whether, with the mentality of the Turkish cultural circle, he had thought the happenings she had experienced as rape might have been for wild sex.” [N.B. — Translated from German]

     Is this the multi-culturalism that Frau Doctor Merkel waxes so poetically about?

     Turkish men in Turkey aren’t going around having rape orgies in this day and age, yet the German anti-German Left happily ascribe such proclivities to any and all of their multi-cultural imports and make and all excused for them.

     Turks, as a people, a society, and a culture, did not cause this to happen. The Germans, as a people, a society, and a culture, did.

     This might be chalked up to a diversity cultist judge if it were not for the fact that this is becoming the new norm in Germany. If the Germans keep on validating and protecting the worst, they will simply get more of the worst.

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13 Responses to German Rape — Turkish Delight

  1. avatar sue baker says:

    They are filthy f-ing pigs!

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  3. avatar irongrampa says:

    That is simply sick. Just derangement on BOTH sides.

  4. avatar R Russell says:

    Sharia law again!
    It’s cloaked in the law of any of the EU countries.

  5. avatar Christian Clark says:

    Hmm, and here I thought ignorance of the law was no excuse. I guess I can just plea a cultural misunderstanding for any offence from here on out.

    • avatar Bobby says:

      Not really.
      Example: It’s racism if a minority is denied employment, when otherwise qualified.
      It’s not racism to make being a minority one of the qualifications for employment, thereby excluding whites … but only whites.
      Get it?

  6. avatar ChzzMonkee says:

    The only Westerners surprised or shocked are ones ignorant of Islam and its most basic and vile dictates from the Quran, Hadith & Sharia: Allah allows, promotes, condones, approves, encourages, etc., rape
    Christian Girls (and boys) are only Meant for One Thing, the Pleasure of Muslim Men

    Allah allows Muslim men to RAPE non-Muslim women

  7. avatar BikerDad says:

    One begins to wonder if there are any German men left in Germany. If there were, both the rapist and the judge would be dead within a week.

    • avatar b.a. freeman says:

      i think it’s not a matter of being real men. to put it a little bit differently, are U willing to go shoot an idiot (or dedicated leftist) judge, or the vile rapist himself, right *now*? if not, why not?

      the answer is that U are not personally involved. once a loved one has been attacked, one’s perspective changes radically. in the west, we are raised to respect and obey the law, and let justice take its course through the courts, so we tend to continue doing that. and this is a *good* thing, so don’t take this the wrong way. a successful civilization (the muslim world is *not* civilized) cannot survive without respect for and obedience of the law. in western countries, the citizens of most of which were long ago disarmed, the hard left, which has controlled education for the better part of a century, has been able to take control of the State because people exit the school system as at least nominal leftists. because the left also controls the (lying) mass media, it has been able to demonize anybody who speaks the truth about islam; many have lost their jobs and even been arrested for speaking the truth in eurabia. thus, there is a real incentive to *not* do anything.

      fortunately for us in the u.s., the second amendment to the constitution still affords citizens some permission for self-defense (that sentence would really sound bad to a founder, but that’s the way it is); i think that the left will be surprised when they try to seize control of the nation. my recommendation to anybody in the u.s. who values his freedom is to arm himself and become well-trained in the use of his arms, and until the State begins to collapse, obey the law scrupulously, unless one is willing to accept the consequences of an illegal act, and calls the attention of the authorities to such behavior (not doing so is cowardly until civil war actually begins).

      and of course, there almost certainly will be civil war. in eurabia, civilization, and the freedom that go with it, is ending; civil wars are likely to be fought there as well, but starting from a disarmed state, the citizens are unlikely to succeed, unless free people in the military take part. in the u.s., free people *are* armed, and there are many patriots loyal to the constitution in the military, so we actually have a chance to remain free, but it is not guaranteed.

      the thing that angers me most is that at a minimum, there will likely be thousands who die in the civil war. if we are truly unlucky, iran will be able to detonate nuclear weapons in one or more u.s. cities, and millions will die; unfortunately, this will almost certainly occur. the number of deaths in eurabia will be much higher. all this death is completely unnecessary, and will be directly attributable to the treason of the hard left. i suspect that there will be more than a few leftist traitors strung up on lampposts.

  8. avatar Sarah says:

    The mental gymnastics one has to employ in order to grasp and accept the logic used by the Judge, are truly, quite extraordinary.

    Taking the judicial remarks as they are, I can only assume that Germany, as per their representative – being that Judge – considers Turkey to be a country that seethes with a culture wherein women are luridly preyed upon by men and are not in any way, viewed as human beings with rights to their own bodies and individual agency. They are sub-human creatures that whatever outcomes these creatures endure as a result of the attentions of Turkish men, are simply par for the course within that culture.

    One has to wonder, that if this is how Germany views Turkish culture and Turkish attitudes towards women and intimacy in general – then what on earth does Germany feel that Turkish culture can bring to German culture in order to enhance or further develop German culture?

    I didn’t realize that taking a step back into the dark ages and relegating women to a sub-human, inferior creature status; wherein men are entitled to use them wherever they wish, whenever they wish, for any reason they wish was a goal that Germany and its leaders, judiciary, politicians and law enforcement etc etc desires to achieve.

    The mind boggles. Germany really, really, really must hate itself. That’s the only sensible conclusion here. Now when you come across an adult human being who is warped with insecurities and tremendous self-hate – you don’t encourage them to self mutilate and cheer them on as they talk about their faults and weaknesses.

    You show them that they have a distorted perception of themselves, encourage them to seek help to rid themselves of these emotional issues and cheer them on as they take each step, gaining progress all the while, in slowly arriving at a state wherein they feel positive about themselves.

    Germany needs an intervention, a hug and a kick up the backside. Wake up.

  9. avatar harbqll says:

    I was stationed over there for 4 years. I can tell you, no, there really aren’t any German men left. At least none that I saw.

    I got away with saying and doing things to German men that would have, at the very least, led to a fist fight had they been American. And they were absolutely zero competition when it came to girls.

    Betas and Omegas, the lot of them. Not a spine or a sack to be found.

    I guess that’s what losing a war and then 50 years of occupation does to a country.

    • avatar James Moran says:

      Wait until it happens hereLose a war to China/Russia and all your women will be sex slaves. Import enough Muslims and the same thing happens here.

  10. avatar Cato the Rebel Without a Party says:

    And this is the point when a reasonable man would tar and feather the judge.