The Cultural Appropriation of Slavery

     The combination of ignorance and indoctrination in modern education has but one aim: Delegitimize America and its civic heritage as a unique evil to be overcome. Case in point: The belief that America invented slavery, which was wholly confined within.

     The truth of the matter is that slavery was an actual act of “cultural appropriation”. Slavery and the slave trade was widespread in Africa before the arrival of Europeans. Indeed, Europeans originally sailed to sub-Saharan Africa not with the intention of imposing racism, but to simply find trade routes to the Indies that didn’t involve the Arabs as middlemen, the same Arabs that enjoyed centuries long slave trading with not only sub-Saharan Africa, but also the trade in White slaves!

     Yes, the European powers did indeed culturally appropriate the slave trade and markets already in place in sub-Saharan Africa, but it was hardly an innate feature Western Civilization the way it was in the Arab world, and in reality conflicted with the more liberty oriented essence of Western Civilization, which ultimately found revulsion in slavery and the repugnance towards the slave trade, both of which were eventually abolished by those very same countries of Western Civilization.

Egyptian Slavemaster and Slave

     If the West should be condemned for its part in slavery, it should be for its act of cultural appropriation.

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