News of the Week (December 31st, 2016)


News of the Week for December 31th, 2016


Gun Rights


Grandma Got Run Over by Obama: SSA Finalizes New Gun Prohibition Rule
Barack Obama’s Social Security Administration (SSA) issued the final version of a rule that will doom tens of thousands of law-abiding (and vulnerable) disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients to a loss of Second Amendment rights under the guise of re-characterizing them as “mental defectives.”

Obama Administration Yanks Second Amendment Rights from SSI Recipients
Last week, the Obama administration put the finishing touches on a new policy that would deprive recipients of disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) of their Second Amendment rights. The administration will now characterize those citizens as “mental defectives,” thereby having their ability to own a firearm subject to the federal Gun Control Act.

Nevada’s voter-OK’ed gun background checks blocked
The expansion of gun background checks approved by Nevada voters last month will not happen as expected, based on an opinion released Wednesday by the Nevada Attorney General’s Office.

Oops. Bloomberg’s $20M gun control bid in Nevada has fallen apart
It was almost the perfect plan. And if it weren’t for those darned kids at the FBI, Michael Bloomberg might have gotten away with it.

Nevada’s gun background check law, already in limbo, faces new legal challenge
Nevada’s new law expanding firearm background checks to private-party sales and transfers is facing another challenge: a lawsuit contending that it violates of the state Constitution.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


California’s Continuing Brownout
Back in the late 1990s, when Willie Brown was mayor of San Francisco and right across the Bay Bridge Jerry Brown was mayor of Oakland, it was fitting to say that the Bay Area suffered a complete Brownout. And as I liked to remind people, Willie Brown defeated an incumbent mayor to get the job. That incumbent, Frank Jordan, had stripped naked in the shower with two gays on a morning drive time radio show in futile attempt to attract the gay vote. And as I liked to point out to easterners, Jordan was the conservative candidate. That’s how far gone California was even 20 years ago.

California: The Republic of Climate
To some progressives, California’s huge endorsement for the losing side for president reflects our state’s moral superiority. Some even embrace the notion that California should secede so that we don’t have to associate with the “deplorables” who tilted less enlightened places to President-elect Donald Trump. One can imagine our political leaders even inviting President Barack Obama, who reportedly now plans to move to our state, to serve as the California Republic’s first chief executive.

Obama blocks drilling in Arctic, Atlantic oceans
President Obama on Tuesday formally blocked offshore oil and gas drilling in most of the Arctic Ocean, answering a call from environmentalists who say the government needs to do more to prevent drilling in environmentally sensitive areas of U.S.-controlled oceans.

Judge: Seattle Kids Can Move Ahead with Climate Rights Case
Eight Seattle children should have “their day in court” to argue that Washington state and others aren’t protecting them from climate change, a judge ruled.

U.S. refiners cash in on Mexico’s record fuel imports
U.S. Gulf Coast refiners are cashing in on rising fuel demand from Mexico, shipping record volumes to a southern neighbor that has failed to expand its refining network to supply a fast-growing economy.

The D.C. Court of Appeals Undermines the First Amendment
Yesterday, the D.C Court of Appeals issued its decision in Michael Mann’s defamation case against us and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The court dismissed Mann’s claims for intentional infliction of emotional distress, and also dismissed his claims based on an open letter written by our editor-in-chief Rich Lowry taking Dr. Mann to task for threatening to file this bullying lawsuit in the first place. At the same time, the court refused to dismiss the defamation claims against NR and CEI based on blog posts by Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg respectively criticizing Mann’s infamous “hockey stick” graph, which is widely touted as providing lead-pipe cinch scientific proof of man-made global warming.

100% Of US Warming Is Due To NOAA Data Tampering
Climate Central just ran this piece, which the Washington Post picked up on. They claimed the US was “overwhelmingly hot” in 2016, and temperatures have risen 1,5°F since the 19th century.

The Coming Fracture Of Saudi Arabia
The Bible’s book of Galatians, VI teaches, «as you sow, so shall you reap». And for Saudi Arabia, which has overtly and covertly supported rebellions in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Ethiopia, Philippines, and Lebanon that have led to civil wars and inter-religious strife, the day of reckoning may soon be at hand. The present Saudi king, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, is the last of the sons of the first Saudi king, Abdul Aziz al Saud, who will ever sit on the Saudi throne. After Salman dies, Saudi leadership will pass to a new generation of Saudi royals. But not all the descendants of the first Saudi king are happy about how the future succession may turn out.

EPA targets key ingredient in pizza, bread in latest eleventh-hour rule
The Environmental Protection Agency is targeting a key ingredient for making pizza and bread in its latest last-minute regulation before President Obama steps down.

EPA To Alaskans In Sub-Zero Temps: Stop Burning Wood To Keep Warm
In Alaska’s interior, where it can reach -50 degrees Fahrenheit in winter, the EPA wants people to stop burning wood. But it’s just about their only feasible way to stay warm.



Government in Healthcare


Baby Skins for Sale: $325
Ilse Koch, also known as “The Bitch of Buchenwald,” had a penchant for heavily tattooed human skin. She would search out the finest examples of skin art from among the prisoners at the death camp and have them skinned before they were shoveled into the ovens. Workers at the camp then made the skin into various artifacts. Some say lampshades were made from the most beautiful specimens.

Trump considering end of VA single-payer monopoly
Donald Trump’s Cabinet has only two openings left, one of which will signal just how aggressively the president-elect plans to act in fulfilling his campaign promises. Trump promised veterans an overhaul of the Veterans Administration health-care system based on a ten-point plan, the central core of which would allow veterans the portability to seek care from private-sector providers.

Donald Trump Considers Moving VA Toward Privatization
Some veterans’ advocates oppose moves to privatize Department of Veterans Affairs


War & Terror


The Iranian Empire Is Almost Complete
Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq are nearly fully under Iran’s control. It is the culmination of a decades-long plan.

4 Reasons To Rejoice Over The End Of Obama’s Myth-Based Foreign Policy
President Obama mismanaged two wars, oversaw the collapse of order across the Middle East, and left the United States and the world less safe.

New York State Employee Demands Death For Trump Supporters, Still Employed
After the victory last month of President-elect Donald Trump, an employee of the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities reportedly posted a disturbing message to his private Facebook page wishing death on the former GOP nominee’s supporters.

Berlin terror attack: Twelve dead and 48 injured as truck ploughs into crowd at Christmas market
Germany was the victim of a suspected mass terror attack on Monday night after a lorry ploughed into a busy Christmas market in Berlin.

Gunman who shot Russian ambassador was off-duty police officer
The gunman who shot the Russian ambassador to Turkey in an attack at an art gallery on Monday was an off-duty police officer who worked in the Turkish capital, two security sources told Reuters.

ISIS develop children’s phone app that lets kids destroy Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty or recreate 9/11
The Islamic State has developed a kid’s app that lets users destroy landmarks

Berlin’s most wanted: Police hunt “armed and dangerous” Tunisian asylum seeker, 23, after his ID is found under lorry driver’s seat at scene of Christmas market massacre
ID belonging to Anis Amri, 23, who was born in Tataouine, Tunisia, in 1992, found in killer truck’s footwell

Van “explodes” after ramming into Australian Christian Lobby office in Canberra
A van has rammed into the Australian Christian Lobby office in Canberra before exploding, according to local media reports.

ISIS-linked news agency releases video of Berlin attacker swearing allegiance to the radical group
On a drab, graffiti sprayed square on the outskirts of Milan, two Italian police officers — one of them a trainee — spotted a suspicious young man with a backpack. It was 3:15 a.m. on Friday. A thief? Possibly. They pulled him aside for an identity check.

Did Russia Just Test a Weapon in Space?
Vladimir Putin’s regime is asserting itself around the world—and above it, too.

Man dresses as ISIS fighter and “walks straight across German border controls”
A DANISH citizen claims to have shown how “pathetic” the security is between the German and Danish border.

Pakistan issues nuclear warning to Israel in response to “fake news” story
Israeli Ministry of Defence forced to point out initial story “completely fictitious”

Suicide bomber in Cameroon kills two in attack on Christmas market
A suicide bomber in the northern Cameroon town of Mora killed a young student and a woman in an attack on a market full of Christmas shoppers, an aide to the governor of Far North region said on Sunday.

Pakistan Defense Minister tweets nuclear threat against Israel based on Fake News report
Fake can kill.

China tests F-31 stealth fighter, cheaper competitor to US F-35
The aircraft can easily carry 8 tons of weapons, holding six missiles in its internal weapons bay

Last week, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) posted documents revealing that President Obama granted Iran permission to stockpile uranium in excess of the 300 kilogram limit set by the nuclear deal. Jenna Lifhits of the Weekly Standard has the story.

Three Chinese men charged with hacking US law firms
Three Chinese nationals were charged with hacking into the private email accounts of major US law firms and helping themselves to juicy tips on upcoming mergers.




Students of Color Conference turns into “oppression Olympics,” leads to fights, canceled sessions
This year’s University of California Students of Color Conference unproductively devolved into something of an “oppression Olympics” between different minority groups, prompting arguments between participants and ultimately leading to some canceled sessions at the annual event.

MRCTV Launches “Save the Snowflakes” Campaign
“We will not sit idly by as students suffer in silence”

#CalExit Run by American Living in Russia
From Russia with Love!

MTV releases racist, sexist “White Guy Resolution 2017” video
Substitute any other group, and MTV would be the first to cry foul.

Students demand “microaggression workshop” for all faculty
The students want the workshops to occur “semesterly.”

Trump plots two-for-one assault on Obama regs
President-elect Donald Trump is setting out to gut the Obama administration’s regulations, starting with a mandate that would slowly chip away at the number of rules on the books.

Democrats ponder the unthinkable: 60 GOP senate seats in 2018
So the Democrats are largely down in the dumps after yesterday’s Electoral College results. Not only did Trump get certified as the next POTUS, but Hillary Clinton actually lost ground in the total EC vote spread. But on the bright side, the worst is over, right? The bandage has been ripped off and the healing can begin. I mean… it can’t actually get any worse than this, can it?

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Sheep Dip Anyone?
I know many readers think the items posted in this weekly feature are hoaxes, but sadly they are all too real. I hope this conference abstract from the Danish National Research Database inspires lots of imitators.

McConnell: I Expected Trump Would Lose And Republicans Would Lose Senate
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expected Donald Trump to lose his 2016 presidential bid and Republicans to lose control of the Senate when November 8 came around.

Trump posse browbeats Hill Republicans
Lawmakers are loath to say anything remotely critical, fearful they might set off the president-elect or his horde of enforcers.

NC legislature adjourns without repealing bathroom law
The North Carolina legislature adjourned its Wednesday special session without passing legislation that would have repealed a controversial law restricting which bathrooms transgender people can use.

Trump names fierce critic of China to head White House trade policy
UC Irvine professor Peter Navarro to head new White House trade office, Trump announces

Liberals Want You to Help Fund the Least Fun Comic Con of All Time
It will still have the trappings of a traditional convention, they say, but straight, white males simply won’t find a home among the attendees, panelists, and exhibitors.

Fearing Late Action by Obama, Republicans Consider Curbing Presidential Power to Declare National Monuments
President Barack Obama is using his executive power to issue a broad swath of environmental protections during his last weeks in office, guarding himself against a successor who has vowed to roll back parts of that agenda.

U.S. history no longer a requirement for history majors at George Washington University
George Washington University recently changed its requirements for history majors, removing previously key courses for the stated purpose of giving students more flexibility.

Obama’s Midnight Regulation Express
The goal is to issue more rules than the new administration could ever repeal.

New Ebola Vaccine Gives 100 Percent Protection
In a scientific triumph that will change the way the world fights a terrifying killer, an experimental Ebola vaccine tested on humans in the waning days of the West African epidemic has been shown to provide 100 percent protection against the lethal disease.

U.S. Abstains as U.N. Security Council Votes to Condemn Israeli Settlements
Defying extraordinary pressure from President-elect Donald J. Trump and furious lobbying by Israel, the Obama administration on Friday allowed the United Nations Security Council to adopt a resolution that condemned Israeli settlement construction.

Little Fascists At Bryn Mawr Hound Student Who Asked To Share Ride To Trump Event
Forget safe spaces on college campuses for social justice warrior pansies. The people treated like dirt are college Republicans. Conservatives, unfortunately, conceded the college campus to the left. As a result, most college campuses are hotbeds of radical leftism and doesn’t even have the semblance of classic liberalism. When a student gets crap simply for seeking out somebody to ride with her to a Trump event, something has to give.

AU promotes clemency for convicted cop killer with statue
American University in Washington, D.C. has installed a new statue on campus to raise awareness for a convicted cop-killer’s clemency campaign.

Trump’s Newly-Named WH Comms Director, Jason Miller, Backs Out of Job
Just two days ago Jason Miller, who had served as Donald Trump’s senior communications adviser since July, was named as the White House communications director for the new administration. But today he issued a statement that he will not be joining the WH staff after all, citing family reasons.

Senator Cruz: No Funding for the U.N. as Long as the Decision Against Israel Stands
Texas Senator Ted Cruz is putting his foot down, in regards to the disgusting anti-Israel actions of the United Nations this week.

Netanyahu: ‘Obama Colluded Against Israel’ at Security Council
Israel rejects anti-settlement motion out of hand, will work with incoming U.S. administration to ‘negate the harmful effects of this absurd resolution,’ Prime Minister’s Bureau says in statement.

Drexel University professor calls for “white genocide” on Christmas
“The University is taking this situation very seriously”

Report: Immigration Hawk Tapped To Write Trump’s Inaugural Address
Immigration hawk Stephen Miller, who will serve as President-elect Donald Trump’s senior policy advisor, has been tapped to write Trump’s inaugural address, Politico reports.

Penn English Dept. goes with collage of writers over Shakespeare (and his PC replacement)
Early this month a group of University of Pennsylvania students removed a portrait of William Shakespeare from the school’s Fisher-Bennett Hall and replaced it with a picture of black, feminist, lesbian poet Audre Lorde.

Dems’ Nuclear Option will allow Trump to fill over 100 court vacancies quickly
And Democrats have no one to blame but themselves.

2016: The Year in Dog Sex
Jesus Gutierrez, 39, lived with his 43-year-old girlfriend and her pet Maltese dog, Princess, in a New York City apartment. One day in April, when the girlfriend left for work, she set up a video camera to record what was going on in the apartment during her absence. She was certainly correct in suspecting that Gutierrez was up to no good.

Communist @DrexelUniv Professor Gets Paid to Teach Anti-White Hatred
Drexel University is a private school for rich kids which is “elite” only if you accept “elite” as a synonym for expensive. Annual tuition at Drexel is $51,030, plus $14,367 for room and board.

Connecticut School Principal Bans the Word “White”…
Leftists are engaged in a war on words, a crusade which has led to absurdity rivaling the most ridiculous sketches of Monty Python.

Male ex-student accused of rape sues school, woman
A former Indiana University student is suing the university, saying it gave preferential treatment to a female student who accused him of rape and makes “numerous mandates to make it more difficult for males accused of sexual misconduct to defend themselves.”

GOP Proposes Fines For Temper Tantrums Like Last June’s Democrat “Sit-In” On The House Floor
Republicans in the House of Representatives are proposing a rule aimed at preventing Democrat temper tantrums like the “sit-in” stunt they pulled on the House floor last June when they didn’t get their way on a gun control vote. As you might expect, this has triggered a fair amount of whining and posturing from Democrats and their media brethren.

Kerry defends UN vote: Israel must hear ‘hard truths’
Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday took aim at Israel’s government as he defended the administration’s decision to allow the U.N. Security Council to pass resolution condemning the country’s settlement activity.

Breaking: John Kerry Is Working On Another UN Resolution That Would Officially Recognize A Palestinian State
Multiple media outlets are reporting that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is finalizing a document that the Obama administration hopes will form the basis for a UN Security Council resolution that officially recognizes a Palestinian state before the end of Barack Obama’s term on January 20th. This comes on the heels of the UN Security Council’s adoption of resolution 2334 on December 23rd. That resolution declared that all Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal, it stated that the Security Council recognizes the 1967 ceasefire lines as the border between Israel and “Palestine”, and it officially gave East Jerusalem to the Palestinians. But it stopped short of formally recognizing a Palestinian state. Resolution 2334 speaks of a Palestinian state in the future tense, but this new resolution that John Kerry is reportedly working on would give immediate and permanent UN Security Council recognition to a Palestinian state.

Hey Single People – LA City Councilman Wants To Ban You From Playgrounds
Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell (representing Hollywood) presented a motion to the council asking the City Attorney’s office to draft an ordinance which would restrict playgrounds to children and the adults who accompanied them to the park.

Kerry and Erekat orchestrated UN anti-settlement resolution
Egyptian news site leaks minutes of a meeting between top American delegation, including John Kerry, and a Palestinian team led by Saeb Erekat; Americans said they were ready to cooperate in the UN Security Council, offered advice on how to deal with President-elect Trump.

Netanyahu responds to Kerry speech
“We have it on absolutely incontestable evidence that the United States organized, advanced and brought this resolution”

Mexico eyes border, migration as leverage in talks with Trump
Mexico aims to defend free trade with the United States by using border security and immigration policy to gain leverage in talks with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump after he takes office next month, senior officials say.

Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N.
Congressional leaders confirmed that the Obama administration is in phase-two of its plot to further vilify the Jewish State.

Ted Cruz nukes the Obama-Kerry “radical anti-Israel agenda”
Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas (A, 97%) warned that history would remember President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry as “relentless enemies of Israel” in a statement issued in response to a speech Conservaitve Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin called “outrageous.”

Inventor of the famous Red Solo Cup dies at 84
Robert Leo Hulseman died on December 21 in Northfield, Illinois surrounded by family

San Francisco Has Literally Become A Toilet After Years Of Liberal Governance
When you let people do what they want in the name of “tolerance,” it results in negative consequences. That’s precisely what has happened in San Francisco. Known for years for being super liberal, the residents are now paying the price for being so “open,” the city is now a large port-a-potty.

KU dean: diversity and inclusion a “universal value” of libraries
The university’s library has recently pushed for students to get involved with the Black Lives Matter movement, as well.

Study: psychology textbooks have PC bias
The study examined two-dozen textbooks and their presentation of twelve issues.

Star Will Pass Near Sun, Bathe Earth In Barrage Of Deadly Comets
A new scientific paper warns that a nearby star will pass extremely close to Earth, potentially bombarding the planet with a wave of deadly comets.

Nevada leaks thousands of medical marijuana dispensary applications
The data includes their dates of birth, home addresses, citizenship, and driving license and social security numbers of the applicants.

FBI, DHS release report on Russia hacking
The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Thursday released a joint report detailing how federal investigators linked the Russian government to hacks of Democratic Party organizations.

US sanctions Russia over hacking, expels 35 officials
The Obama administration on Thursday announced an array of retaliatory measures against Russia in response to a hacking campaign geared at interfering in the U.S. presidential election.

Former Assemblywoman Michele Fiore will run for Las Vegas City Council
Former Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore intends to run for Las Vegas City Council in 2017, she confirmed to the Review-Journal on Thursday.

Be sure to pick up your “pronoun preference” pin at the door
If you happen to be out and about near the University of Kansas this week, be sure to stop by the library. You’ll be able to pick up a free button which identifies your “preferred gender pronouns” at no cost and avoid any awkward conversational faux pas at your New Years Eve party. This handy dandy little item will let people know what gender you identify as, either on a regular basis or just for the day!

Gay teens protest Trump, raise money for Planned Parenthood by selling “p*ssy pops”
If you so desire, an anonymous LGBT high school couple will ship for you “an edible, flesh-colored vulva on a stick” ” a “pussy pop,” if you will – to President-Elect Donald Trump.

People in San Francisco Need a Poop Map to Avoid Crap on the Street
Gotta love liberal policies!

Heller ends rumors of Nevada governor run with re-election announcement
U.S. Sen. Dean Heller on Thursday announced his intentions to run for re-election in 2018, quashing rumors of a potential run for governor during the same year.

Doctor Discovers Mysterious Chicken Virus That May Cause Obesity
A doctor from India has discovered the virus which many medical professionals now believe is responsible for a significant amount of the obesity seen throughout the world.


Economy & Taxes


Trump is reportedly considering a 5% tariff on all imports
The administration of Donald Trump may be getting ready to crack down on goods coming into the US.

Report: House conservatives might support giant infrastructure stimulus even if it’s only 50 percent paid for
One of the dark pleasures of the Trump era will be finding out day by day which high priests of conservatism, who were ready to guillotine Boehner for budgetary compromises with Obama, are themselves now prepared to cave to Trump’s government expansions in the name of keeping their jobs.

Trump is reportedly considering a 5% tariff on all imports
The administration of Donald Trump may be getting ready to crack down on goods coming into the US.




The Bond villain libertarians of Guatemala
It’s like some fevered left-wing conspiracy theory come to life. Hidden away in Guatemala, surrounded by tall jungle trees, is a crawling nest of neo-liberalism.

Sweden: Muslim Rapper Butchers Traditional Saint Lucy’s Day Song on State TV
You won’t believe how progressive the new Sweden is!

Gunman Who Shot 3 at Zurich Islamic Center Is Found Dead, Police Say
A gunman who wounded three people attending prayers after opening fire at an Islamic center in Zurich has been found dead, apparently after committing suicide, the Swiss police said on Tuesday.

“We can’t prove sex with children does them harm” says Labour-linked NCCL
EVIDENCE has emerged that the views of the Paedophile Information Exchange influenced policy-making at the National Council for Civil Liberties when it was run by former Labour Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt.

Romania Set for First Female, and First Muslim, Prime Minister
In a surprise move, Romania’s largest political party nominated a woman from the country’s Tatar minority for prime minister on Wednesday. If she wins approval from the president and Parliament, she will be both the first Muslim and the first woman to hold the post.

Scientists Getting Nervous About Italian Supervolcano
Mama mia!

Islamists Attack Christmas, but Europeans Abolish It
“Everything is Christian”, Jean-Paul Sartre wrote after the war. Two thousand years of Christianity have left a deep mark on the French language, landscape and culture. But not according to France’s Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. She just announced that instead of saying “Merry Christmas”, state officials should use “Happy Holidays” — clearly a deliberate intent to erase from discourse and the public space any reference to the Christian culture in which France is rooted.

Russian plane with dozens aboard crashes into Black Sea
A Russian military plane carrying 92 people – including members of the famed Russian Army Choir – crashed Sunday into the Black Sea en route to Syria, where they had planned a New Year’s show for troops at an air base, officials said.

Principal of Taiwanese school resigns over Nazi parade
Students parading in Nazi uniforms, a teacher giving the Hitler salute – these pictures from a Taiwanese school parade caused an international stir. Now the principal of the school has resigned.

Myanmar men may face jail for not marrying pregnant women
Myanmar’s government is drafting a law that could see men jailed for up to seven years for getting a woman pregnant but not marrying her, a senior official said on Wednesday.

Chinese Warships Spook Taiwan in South China Sea
Another sign of rising tensions in the South China Sea came today, as China’s only aircraft carrier sailed 90 nautical miles south of Taiwan with a group of warships.

“I knew they would stone me to death or sell me”: British sex slave held captive and raped nightly for 13 years reveals she finally escaped when they planned to take her to Pakistan
Raped her, prostituted her to other men and she had four babies that he sold

Top 5 Liberal Entitlements of 2016
Justin Trudeau set the tone for Liberal entitlement when he took his nannies off his personal payroll and made the rest of us pay for them in late 2015. Well that tone was a signal to his ministers that it is the job of taxpayers to look after their every want and need.




This Liberal Critique of Xenophobic “New American” Cuisine is Deliciously Hilarious
The left is running out of things to politicize so now they’re politicizing restaurant food. In a meandering column for the left wing blog The Baffler Nikkitha Bakshani ascribes so many political implications to the restaurant fare described as “New American” that the term is as overladen as a Philly cheesesteak heaped with wasabi-ginger jicama slaw, sriracha misted arugula, and artisanal Nepalese yak-milk cheese.

“Fake News” and Fake Hate
As if Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) were not busy enough spinning conspiracy theories about Russian hackers and “fake news” stealing the presidential election from Hillary Clinton, they have also found time to slander Republican voters as perpetrators of “hate crimes.”

It’s not just campus crazies: Progressives’ pervasive immaturity
One of the cultural concerns that may have undone Hillary Clinton is the way in which America’s college campuses foster immaturity in the young adults consigned to their care. Parents used to send their children to college as a step on the road to responsible adulthood. Nowadays, thanks to safe spaces, trigger warnings, and microaggressions, it seems as if little distinguishes college students from toddlers in preschool. A recent video about special snowflakes nicely sums up what’s happening to our young people.

How “Rogue One” Backs Up The Founders’ Approach To Slavery
Why would someone willingly help build the Death Star? The answer may help us understand why the Founders didn’t immediately abolish slavery.

Don’t Believe the Propaganda – ESAs in Nevada Are Far from Dead
Contrary to the fulminations coming out of program opponents, ESAs are not dead and the law was actually found to be constitutionally solid on multiple critically important points.

Texas Is a Model for a More-Libertarian, More-Diverse America
Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity co-founder discusses diversity and free markets in the Trump Era.

“Male Feminist,” a Predictable Breed
You probably never heard of self-described “comedian” Mo Fathelbab, who has never done anything successfully, and you never would have heard of him had he not (a) started an “experimental” comedy club in New York, (b) created some kind of weird hoax feud with Trump supporters, and (c) date-raped a woman – allegedly, I hasten to add.

This is How You Re-Create the Fascists, Nazis, and Other Demagogues
ISIS claims credit for the terror attack in Berlin. The media downplays the Islamic connection. Reading press reports, it seems the Transformers have arrived on earth because the truck drove itself into the crowd.

The Electoral College is actually awesome
The left’s whiplash over the Electoral College has finally culminated in complete incoherence.

Let’s face it: The Electoral College worked exactly as it should
You’re not going to hear the argument in the headline from many Hillary Clinton supporters, but University of Kentucky law professor Joshua Douglas is one exception. Douglas argued on Monday at CNN that we should have “celebrate[d] American democracy” after the casting of the Electoral College ballots even if some disagreed with the outcome.

How The American Academy Helped Create The Alt-Right
Academics have been slow to acknowledge how dependent the leaders of the alt-right are upon playbooks that they learned on university campuses.

Standing Up to Political Bullying Is What Voters Want
After a month of counting absentee and provisional ballots, exploring voter fraud, and recounting 90,000+ ballots in one of the progressive strongholds of the state that were turned in at 11:30 p.m. on election night, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory conceded that he lost his re-election on Dec. 5.

The Last Headline of 2016
Epiphanies often take the form of a sudden realization that things you once took for granted are on the brink of extinction.

An Open Letter To The Democratic National Committee From A Rural Democrat
I’m writing you as a recently defeated Democratic State Senator in the “Red State” of North Dakota to talk about rural America. I’ve heard you may be interested in learning about us after the results of the 2016 election. Some of you have taken to the national airwaves to talk about reconnecting with our life styles here in the heartland. I’m glad it seems we finally have your attention.

Why conservatives could be the biggest winners of the Left’s post-election freak-out
On the march along the arc of justice towards the right side of History, the Left encountered a stumbling block in 2016. Continuing the trend of the Obama years, Democrats were repudiated at every level at the ballot box. Most stingingly, the Left lost the presidency to a figure who offended its sensibilities perhaps more than any other, on the basis of style and rhetoric, in Donald Trump.

Did Trump’s victory really “destroy the leftists’ long-term game plan”?
Exhibit A seems to prove otherwise.

Having a Merry Trump Christmas, Because @Jillboard Hates Jesus
Jill Gutowitz (@Jillboard on Twitter) is a lesbian feminist Democrat from New Jersey who lives in Los Angeles, where she spent Election Night at a gay bar watching her entire world come crashing down in flames

The UN Declares War on Judeo-Christian Civilization
How is it that Western jurisprudence, created after the Second World War to prevent more crimes against humanity, is now being used to perpetuate more crimes and against democracies?

Militant snowflake: new insignia for social justice warrior
Dear social justice warriors! You have so outgrown the old hammer and sickle emblem, it’s not even funny. The working class has betrayed you and can no longer be trusted. Your new broad coalition is proactively writing a new narrative of safe spaces, microaggressions, dog whistles, snow jobs, institutionalized rapism, and climate denyism.

Reality Check: Special Snowflakes are Hilarious, Until They Aren’t
It’s been pretty hilarious to watch special snowflakes melt all across our college campuses — hilarious, that is, until you realize just how serious a problem this kind of coddling could create.

Losing a Great Conservative Voice: Thomas Sowell Retires
Thomas Sowell, one of the greatest minds in conservative thought today, has announced in his latest (and final) column that he is retiring from the opinion writing world. At 86 years old, it is probably expected, but a tragic loss for conservative writing nonetheless.

A modest (statutory) proposal
After the passage of UN Security Council Resolution 2334, declaring that all Israeli building and activity in any territory captured in the 1967 war (the third war imposed on the Israelis) is illegal under international law, Donald Trump immediately vowed that things will be different come January 20. Virtually all Democrats in Congress immediately went on record opposing the Obama Administration’s feckless betrayal of Israel as well. Chuck Schumer purported to be particularly outraged. In order to convert outrage to action, herewith a modest proposal for the first law to be presented to and passed by the Congress under the Trump Administration.

My farewell column
Thomas Sowell looks back at quarter century of writing syndicated commentary

Top 15 Democratic presidential candidates in 2020
Democrats grappling with the shock of Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump are also beginning to turn their attention to 2020, and pondering who could defeat Trump as he vies for reelection.

Queer Feminism vs. “The Fragile Male Ego”
Allison Moon (@HeyAllieMoon on Twitter) is a queer feminist and an Oberlin College alumna, but I repeat myself. She lives in Oakland, Calif., and is the author of four self-published books, including a 2011 novel.

John Kerry’s Middle East Policy Speech – Analysis
An angry speech, and most of that anger directed at Israel.

Will Trump Call California’s Bluff?
Jerry Brown’s Sacramento and Donald Trump’s Washington are on a collision course.

The Last Days of Barack Obama
There will surely be others like him, and that should frighten us more than it does.

What if Obama dropped Hillary’s email bombs?
The phoniest and most irresponsible lie in current politics is Obama’s accusation that “the Russians did it!” Dropped Hillary’s email bombs, that is. This was originally just attributed to the CIA and FBI at secondhand, and later those agencies reluctantly agreed. But we all know how badly Obama has corrupted those agencies, and their kowtowing to the Big Boss means nothing. This is sad but true.

Obama’s Land Grab Will Not Stand. I Will Fight It.
When I questioned Interior Secretary Sally Jewell at her confirmation hearing, she promised me President Barack Obama would not designate a national monument unless there was widespread support from the local population.

Argentina Is A Warning To American Populists
The risks of embarking on a truly populist course without a sense of responsibility and without a sense of moderation about what government can achieve are real.

American Colleges Are Approaching a Constitutional Crisis
It’s time for Congress to exercise adult supervision.

Did California Democrats REALLY just legalize child prostitution?
No, but I can understand why people might think so.

The Founders Anticipated “Fake News.” Here’s What They Did About It.
Following the presidential election, numerous stories surfaced about how “fake news” influenced the results. This prompted a reaction from the media and a concerted effort by the social media giant Facebook to crack down on the phenomenon—announcing that it would in part by using liberal fact-checkers to distinguish the “real” from the “fake” news.

Here’s seven of the most absurd “academic” studies of 2016
If you asked college administrators what the biggest threats to students were in 2016, they might tell you “toxic masculinity” or black students having to live with non-black students.

UN Withdrawal: Never Wound a King
American should not withdraw from the United Nations without first ensuring that the organization cannot retaliate.

Year of the Black Swan
How messed up was 2016? Let’s put it this way: Chuck Tingle getting a Hugo nomination doesn’t even make the Top Ten of Crazy.

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