Queering the Shirt, Redux

     A T-shirt maker who dared to decline to make a shirt that expressed a message contrary to his beliefs was told to bake the cake print the shirt, because the T-shirt expressed a privileged position about Gay Pride festivals, as previously reported. Since then, a circuit court overturned the ruling that there is a distinction between “choosing not to print a T-shirt because of the sexual orientation of a potential customer and choosing not to print a T-shirt because of its message.”

     However, this ruling has been appealed to the Kentucky Court of Appeals (an intermediate appellate court between the circuit court and the Kentucky Supreme Court).

     The argument for forcing the T-shirt maker to print the shirt? According to the so-called Lexington Human Rights Commission:

“You can’t separate the message from the discrimination. That’s a red herring.”

     Discrimination based on who one wants to screw is considered valid because it was argued that sexual orientation was unchangeable (unless you are straight, of course) and an innate characteristic. Declaring that a political opinion is unchangeable and innate thinking would mean that gay and lesbian individuals are incapable of thinking for themselves or forming their own opinion.

     Why, it is so natural for gays and lesbians to agitate for particular political positions that obviously any gay or lesbian individual who dares to disagree is mentally ill and considered aberrant, with such aberrance needing to be corrected with shock therapy or a lobotomy… one presumes…

     Such is the fate for those who do not accept the divinely academically revealed axiomatic Politically Correct truth…

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