Donald Trump and the Holding of Tongues

     #NeverTrump will not cause a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

     Trump (and his more crazy supporters) will cause a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

     Trump will do to Republicans what William Jennings Bryan did to the Democrats.

     While it is possible that Hillary loses if she truly screws up, it would require a massive screw up of epic proportions.  Trump’s only real chance depends on the missteps of the Hillary campaign… or of an understated desire by the electorate to choose a form of the destructor.  While Hillary is certainly capable of screwing up, she still has the media, education system, and other members of the Progressive Nomenklatura to cover for her.

     In contrast Trump will be portrayed as “literally Hitler”.  That anti-Trump campaign commercials are increasingly doing little more than showing videos of him talking should be setting off warning bells off in Republicans’ heads.

     Looking at the situation in a political way, the question is not whether this is actually a big deal or not, but a question of if the Democrats and the media will convince the “Low Information Voters” who get their information from the mainstream media news and campaign commercials.  Politics is about feelz not realz.

     Heck, just look at Romney and the “binders of women”. It was not only nothing, but it showed that he was engaging in Affirmative Action to include women. Yet, despite facts and logics, it was used as a devistating weapon against him.

     Hillary is far, far worse than Trump.  I sincerely hope she loses.  My lack of cheerleading for Trump doesn’t mean otherwise.  I pointed out in the past Trumps negatives (such as lack of ground game, lack of infrastructure, his acting like a bully and buffoon, &c.) in order to draw attention to them from Republicans who could have stopped his nomination.

     Just when many were ready to just walk away after Trump’s nomination became inevitable and let Trump do as he wants, Trump and his most ardent supporters started goading them, so of course they react—they come across as vindictive and focused not on defeating Hillary, but making dissenting Republicans pay.   Trumps most ardent supporters have put their full faith into Trump, perhaps as intensely as Obama supporters did eight years ago, if not more.  They seem far more focused on the heretics than the heathens.

     And upon a Trump loss, would the Trump acolytes blame anyone and everyone who wasn’t a Trump cheerleader?  Heck, they’ll blame even his supporters if they weren’t outspoken enough.

     We see a reflexive defense of anything Trump does or says, and a reflexive attack on unbelievers. Dissent must be purged.

     Upon a Trump loss, would those who advocated for him accept their consequences?  Of course not.  They are already preemptively designating those Republicans who ardently opposed Trump as the cause of Trumps loss.  A “stab in the back” by Jews Neocons, and race-traitors Cucks, according to Trump’s most loyal Alt-Right supporters.

     If Trump says something stupid, is it worse for a conservative to point it out in the almost hopeless chance that he will knock it off, be silent in the sea of others who are pointing it out, or to lie and protect Trump and enable his idiocy?

     I know that I will be blamed even if I shut up from now until after the election for failing to “clap for Tinkerbell”, but I will not lie for him or excuse the inexcusable.  That doesn’t make me a Hillary supporter or responsible for a Hillary win, though I know I will be accused nonetheless.

     I have a moral obligation to vote against Hillary on election day. My personal vote on election day will not matter, so I have no moral obligation to vote for Trump.  To say otherwise is sheer fearmongering.

     I’ll happily attack Hillary.  I’ll work to support other campaigns.  I will hold my tongue until after the election as it regards Trump.  I will not respond to any provocation, unless it is a personal attack.

     The die is cast.  Nothing I can say will change how it lands.  I see no reason to waste any energy on this any further.

     The worst part of this will be when the knives come out the night after the polls close on each side… and those knives will be long.

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