News of the Week (July 24th, 2016)


News of the Week for July 24th, 2016


Election 2016


Gary Johnson On the Verge of Appearing On the Debate Stage
Just 4 days ago, I reported that Johnson was at 12% approval after a steady rise in popularity due to the unprecedented unpopularity of both the Republican and Democrat nominees, Trump and Clinton.

Cleveland Is The End Of The GOP As We Know It
The Republican leaders who show up to the convention and climb aboard the Trump train will be purged from whatever comes after the GOP.

Welcome to Cleveland, Enjoy The Wake
The party of Lincoln comes to Cleveland this week to die.

Steve King gives the WORST RESPONSE possible to angry lib whining about diversity…
Well Steve King screwed us all over with this boneheaded answer to some angry liberal foaming at the mouth about diversity in the GOP.

Melania’s Plagiarized Speech – CNN Previously Reported It Took 5-6 Weeks To Write With A Speechwriter!!
If you tried to strain to understand the broken English of Melania Trump as she gave her speech today then you might have noticed that a lot of her speech sounded very familiar!! That’s because significant portions were stolen from Michelle Obama’s DNC speech in 2008

Ted Cruz Knew Exactly What He Was Doing
Not only did Ted Cruz refuse to endorse Trump, in a master stroke of rhetorical understatement he urged Republicans to “vote your conscience” in November.

NATO Shmato?
Donald Trump’s apparent rejection of the cornerstone of global security after World War II has stunned U.S. partners in the alliance.

DNC replaces two Vermont delegates – because they’re men
State Sen. Tim Ashe and party insider Ken Dean were ordered to be replaced by the DNC so that the party could achieve a gender balance. Dean and Ashe have filed a formal complaint with the DNC’s credentials committee, according to the Associated Press.

Ted Cruz Is Severus Snape
Ingenious, calculating, cloaked men sometimes turn out to be bad. Yet cold, calculating men can also be judged unfairly.

The GOP had a trainwreck in Cleveland. Is that a good thing?
Traditionally speaking, the Republican national convention would look like a near-total debacle. In the era of television, major-party conventions have become tightly choreographed displays of party unity, bland speeches hailing the nominee, and almost entirely forgotten by everyone except the delegates after the usual polling bump recedes. By that measure, the GOP’s four-day event in Cleveland was a debacle: floor fights, a vanquished primary candidate telling the world from a prime-time main stage speaking slot that he didn’t support the nominee, and a plagiarism scandal that went on at least a day longer than necessary thanks to attempts to rationalize it away.

BUSTED: 19,252 Emails from DNC Leaked by Wikileaks, and Oh MAN Are They Great!
On Friday, website Wikileaks posted over 19,000 emails that were taken from the Democratic National Committee that show story manipulation and collusion with the MSM, internal attempts to sabotage Bernie Sanders during the primary, and a whole lot more.

Trump Campaign Releases Mike Pence Hostage Video
Instead, Trump went back to being Trump at a farewell gathering before leaving Cleveland on Friday. Sounding like a man who had been holding in an enormous bowel movement for four days, the GOP nominee let loose with an excremental mind dump, attacking Heidi Cruz and resurrecting his deranged Raphael Cruz/JFK conspiracy theory.

Rep. Keith Ellison: Trump “Worst Republican Nominee Since George Wallace”
Small Problem: Wallace Was a Democrat . . . Ruh-roh!

Are anarchists and radical leftists saving violent protests for #DemsInPhilly?
The usual suspects were mostly absent at the RNC in Cleveland.


Obama Scandals


What if the fix was in for Hillary at the Obama Justice Department?
What if the folks who run the Department of Political Justice recently were told that the republic would suffer if Hillary Clinton were indicted for espionage because Donald Trump might succeed Barack Obama in the presidency? What if espionage is the failure to safeguard state secrets and the evidence that Clinton failed to safeguard them is unambiguous and overwhelming?


Gun Rights


They’ve Started! Massachusetts Attorney General Bans-AR-15s, AKs
Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey penned an article for The Boston Globe stating that she is banning all new “assault weapons” which she also calls “weapons of war” in her ignorance.

The strictest firearms laws in Europe but STILL four illegal guns for every registered weapon: Germany has 5.5 million guns belonging to 1.4 million people
Germany has some of the strictest firearms laws in Europe, although there are four illegal guns on the streets for every properly registered weapon.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Global Warming Expedition Stopped In Its Tracks By Arctic Sea Ice
A group of adventurers, sailors, pilots and climate scientists that recently started a journey around the North Pole in an effort to show the lack of ice, has been blocked from further travels by ice.



Government in Healthcare


Obamacare’s New High Risk Pool
Anticipation of huge premium increases in the small employer market has been building since 2013.


War & Terror


Is Russia Building a Nuclear Space Bomber?
Russian state media is reporting that the country’s Defense Ministry is developing a nuclear-armed bomber than could launch attacks from space. A prototype aircraft is under development and will be ready for trials by 2020.

German train “axe attack”: Many reported hurt
More than 20 people in Germany have been injured after a man with an axe went on the rampage on a train, German media report.

Deputy mayor in Istanbul dies from shooting injuries
The deputy mayor of Istanbul’s Sisli district has died after being shot in the head by an unknown assailant on Monday, Turkish broadcaster NTV reported.

Attacker in Nice had help, planned attack for months
Monday of this week the AP reported that the terrorist who murdered 84 people in Nice, France appeared to have self-radicalized in a matter of weeks. Today, the AP is reporting that Mohamed Bouhlel planned this for months and had help carrying it out

Munich shooting: Live blog
German police say “several deaths” in Munich shopping center shooting.

Estonia, Newt Gingrich and Strategery
There was a time when JFK went to West Berlin, a city surrounded by Soviet-occupied territory, and announced that he was a Berliner.




You Need 4 Different Licenses to Shine Shoes in DC.
Sen. Ben Sasse Wants to Change That.

UWM prof advocates “abolition of whiteness”
A professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is calling for the complete “abolition of whiteness,” saying only then will America see an end to racism.

Julian Castro doesn’t seem terribly concerned that he violated federal law
Our Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Julian Castro, has been getting a lot of buzz as a potential VP selection for Hillary Clinton, but this week he’s making headlines of a different sort.

Social justice on Mars
Assuming NASA ever actually does take us to Mars, we can now rest easy knowing they will be prepared to establish a utopian society upon the blank Martian slate, free from the privileges and prejudices of Earth.

Ohio policeman served sandwich containing shards of glass
Police in Ohio’s capital city say an officer was served a sandwich containing glass shards at a restaurant, and an assault squad is investigating whether it was intentional.

GQ writer apologizes for Patricia Smith tweet: “I would like to beat her to death”
“Under no circumstances is it okay to invoke violence against women”

Slate: There’s No Such Thing as A “Male Body”
Here’s the latest in biological news coming at you from liberal Slate magazine! According to Slate writer Chase Strangio, (yes, Strange-io), it’s “factually wrong and dangerous” to describe a person as being “anatomically male.”

2 “Nearby” Exoplanets Confirmed to Be Rocky — and May Be Habitable
Two Earth-size planets orbiting a nearby star are now confirmed to be rocky, strengthening the case that they might be habitable, a new study finds.

How did Elizabeth Warren earn $44,000 from Travelers Insurance?
Yes folks, it’s another one in my regular series of “bash Elizabeth Warren” posts.

New Human Brain Map Identifies Nearly 100 Previously Unknown Areas In Cerebral Cortex
Every field of scientific study has its own holy grail. For particle physicists, it’s the quest for physics beyond the Standard Model; for astrophysicists, it is the hunt for the elusive dark matter and dark energy; and for neuroscientists, it is explaining how inanimate matter becomes conscious.

Officials detect THC, marijuana’s active ingredient, in Colorado town’s public water supply
On Thursday afternoon, authorities notified the town of about 800 people that the water should not be drunk, used to cook with or even to bathe. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment later downgraded the warning — it was safe to shower, brush teeth and do laundry with the tap water. Ingestion remained inadvisable.

Infants Prefer Toys Typed to Their Gender
Children as young as 9 months-old prefer to play with toys specific to their own gender, according to a new study from academics at City University London London and UCL.


Economy & Taxes


UK unemployment rate falls to fresh 11-year low
The UK unemployment rate has fallen to 4.9%, the lowest since July 2005, according to official figures.




Turkey Coup: Rebel F-16s Had Erdogan’s Jet in Sights, Reuters Source Says
At the height of the attempt to overthrow Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the rebel pilots of two F-16 fighter jets had Erdogan’s plane in their sights. And yet he was able to fly on.

The beginning of the purge in Turkey didn’t take long at all
It seems like only yesterday when we were pondering whether or not Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan would use the recent, failed military coup as an excuse to begin a purge of dissidents who oppose his administration.

Turkey coup attempt: Government had list of arrests prepared before rebellion, EU commissioner says
“It is exactly what we feared,” Johannes Hahn says

Teachers In England Urged To Use “Zie” Pronoun For Transgenders
A new guidance written by the Boarding School Association urges teachers to address transgender students with the pronoun “zie” in an effort to “queer the education system.”

New U.K. leader Theresa May shuts climate change department
British Prime Minister Theresa May has been facing criticism during her first few days in office over her decision to close the U.K. Department of Energy and Climate Change.

One woman, three girls STABBED for “wearing shorts and t-shirts” at French resort
A woman and her three daughters were all stabbed at a resort near Montpellier in southern France today.

Thousands of public employees suspended after failed coup attempt in Turkey
Thousands of public employees have been suspended from their duties amid a nationwide move against those suspected of having links to the July 15 failed coup attempt.

Erdogan’s power grab: Turkish president declares state of emergency after failed coup
TURKISH president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared a three-month state of emergency in the wake of last week’s failed coup.

Turkey declares a state of emergency for three months
Turkey declared a state of emergency on Wednesday, a move that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said would enable the state to act faster against those who plotted a failed coup.

Turkish Protesters Are Spray Painting “” and “” On Walls – Here’s What It Means
As hard as the Turkish government might try, shutting down Twitter isn’t as easy as it seems. At 11:30 p.m. Thursday the Turkish government officially blocked the country’s 33 million Internet users from Twitter, but clever, tech-savvy Turks are sharing a simple and effective method to help fellow citizens bypass the ban – and they’re sharing it everywhere.

Dark Days Ahead
The plot against Erdogan has laid bare dangerous undercurrents in Turkey.

Turkey to Suspend European Convention on Human Rights
Turkey says it will suspend the European Convention on Human Rights during the three-month state of emergency it declared to purge perpetrators of last week’s failed coup.

Finland: Man Thrown in Prison For Using “Excessive Self-Defense” Against Home Invaders
A homeowner in Finland has been sentenced to four years in jail and a hefty fine after fighting off three intruders who attempted to rob his house. The thieves, meanwhile, got lesser prison terms and are to be paid damages by their victim.

Turkey’s Erdogan shuts schools, charities in first state of emergency decree
President Tayyip Erdogan tightened his grip on Turkey on Saturday, ordering the closure of thousands of private schools, charities and other institutions in his first decree since imposing a state of emergency after the failed military coup.

Erdogan to rid Turkish institutions of “separatist cancer” after coup attempt
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told FRANCE 24 that his country’s state of emergency, imposed in the wake of an attempted coup to oust him could be extended until he has rid Turkey’s “institutions of this cancer”.

Nicola Sturgeon takes political fantasy to new heights
It was courteous of our new Prime Minister, within hours of her coronation, to visit Edinburgh to see Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. Mrs Sturgeon, who we are routinely assured is a consummate politician who positively demands our unequivocal admiration, did not repay that courtesy. Instead, she spent the ensuing days mendaciously implying that she had some sort of veto over the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union. When even her usual toadies in the mass media struggled to believe this fantasy, she started peddling the idea – also completely unsubstantiated – that the rest of the UK could leave the EU while Scotland remained in.

Thousands of Turkey coup prisoners “raped, starved and hogtied”
Amnesty International says it has “credible evidence” Turkish police are holding detainees, denying them food, water and medical treatment and in the worst cases some have been subjected to severe beatings and torture

Turkey: Hospitals, Schools, Unions Among Those Shut-down By Erdogan Crack-down
“The decrees have the force of law and can’t be appealed.”

Brexit & British Party Politics
One unexpected outcome to the Brexit vote has been the way that it has exposed gaping fissures inside three major political parties. It hasn’t yet cracked the regional parties, the Liberal Democrats or the Greens but the fissures it has exposed are fascinating and suggest a fundamental realignment of voters to parties in the coming months.




A Little Background And Commentary From Daniel Pipes On Erdogan And The Failed Coup
Remember Daniel Pipes? He is the guy who thinks that ISIS will self-destruct from internal pressures within the year. I have my doubts about that, judging from the the pathetic response to its provocations (read: savage murders) in Europe and here at home. If we don’t exert significant pressure on them externally, they have the leisure time to fix what ails them internally.

Is Free Speech on Life Support? Quite So! Terminally So!
On which side of the political line segment, sphere, figure eight, or however it is you view it, do control freaks live? Well, I view it as a line segment and can see without the aid of binoculars, the left taking out their trash waaay over there on that side.

The Ugly Truth Behind a College’s “Diversity” Requirement
Hamilton College has for years had an open curriculum, allowing students the freedom to shape their education as they think best. Whether that’s a good idea is debatable, but the college is about to move in the opposite direction by instituting a “diversity requirement” for all students.

The answer to DC statehood? Split Texas five ways
The Washington Post editorial board issued a rather scathing attack on the Republican Party this week (really?) over the party platform’s dim view of statehood for the District of Columbia.

The genderfication of U.S. politics
The modern art world suffered another of its periodic embarrassments recently when a visiting high school student at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art set his glasses down on the floor against a bare wall and walked away, whereupon museum patrons took it to be the latest avant garde masterpiece, crowding around it while striking chin-pulling poses and snapping photos.

If you don’t want to do the work of marriage, get a job.
A judge in the UK has just dealt a fairly serious blow to ‘meal ticket’ divorcees who could previously expect to waltz off with lifetime support after a failed marriage to a wealthy spouse. In most cases, the person lounging on a couch post-marriage, eating bon-bons, will be a woman, but not always.

Weaponised Victimhood
This is not a grand battle against institutionalised injustice. This is an addiction to indignation.

Becoming American –
What feels like an eternity ago I started a journey that has involved a lot of money, multiple panic attacks, quite a lot doubt, and at least one complete meltdown. The first stage of that journey ended at about 10:15 am on July 20th, when I became a citizen of the United States of America.

Some Thoughts on Suicide – and Our Visit to an “American Mecca”
What a wonderful Sunday. I’m finally awake…whew. I was just pondering suicide, to be honest.

Lest We Get Too Focused On How Boned We Are
Syria! Where Obama’s feckless duhplomacy is doing so much good is now being helped by his Partners For Peace!

Let’s talk about definitions. Many people seem to be confused about them.

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