Archie Comics Continues To Circle The Politically Correct Drain

     Archie Comics, which once was considered to be family/child friendly comic, has increasingly been circling the drain of Political Correctness and all the insanity that comes with it.

     The female CEO has already been outed as a misandrist lunaticy, and a penchant for pushing transgressive sexual norms.

     Now, they are pushing sexualities beyond “gay” and “straight”.  They are fully embracing other sexualities.  Case in point: Jughead is now “asexual“…

“Unlike most guys in high school who simply couldn’t get laid, Jughead doesn’t want to get laid. It does seem like a simpler life. Also a solid pedophile cover. Scores of readers who identify as asexual came out to cheer the Jughead news. Imagine how fun that party is. I’m certain there are some teens born without the desire to reproduce, but species tend not to do well in the absence of fornication. It has to be relatively miniscule.”

     A perfect example of the brave new world that the insanity of the Left wishes to purport…

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  1. avatar Fox2! says:

    Jig head obviously doesn’t know what a eunuch is.

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