Seven Signs White Privilege Doesn’t Exist

     Yet another laughable article tries to tell White people that they have “White Privilege” which oppresses everyone else, and that White people need to take it on faith because they are somehow racially unable to understand any of it.

     The Idea of “White Privilege” has already outed as nonsense.  But some of the arguments made in this new article are particularly silly.

“Upon hearing the term, most white people assume it is an attack upon them. They believe it is being used to accuse white people of being inherently racist, but that is not the case. White privilege, while a product of racism inherent in a predominantly white society, runs deeper and is a part of the oppression non-whites face throughout their lives that white people don’t experience as a result of their skin color.”

     When you declare that this evil “White privilege” is “inherent” when you have too many White people with their icky White cultures, you are indeed accusing them of being “inherently racist”.

     But the truly laughable examples all come from the media and Hollywood, both of which are predominantly Hard Left in its worldview.

“White privilege can even be seen in the media. The predominant race on television and in movies is, of course, white. The ‘token’ black friend is even a common television trope that clearly shows the lack of black characters on television.

“Some white people do not understand the effects this misrepresentation of POC has. They have no trouble seeing themselves portrayed because all they have to do is turn on the TV.

“In 2012, the University of Southern California conducted a study explaining the lack of representation for people of color. ‘Across 100 top grossing films of 2012, only 10.8 percent of speaking characters are black, 4.2 percent are Hispanic, five percent are Asian, and 3.6 percent are from other (or mixed race) ethnicities.’ The study also showed how these roles were portrayed in a negative and stereotypical way.”

     Happy to concede that the Hard Left in media and the news are racist.

     The article finished up with seven questions that are supposed to make White people accept that their “Whiteness” creates an oppressive “Privilege” like it was some type of miasma…

1. You are less likely to be arrested.

     But less likely to be shot.  This also ignores that criminals are more likely to be arrested than non-criminals regardless of race.  A Black man who works in a white collar job and obeys the law is less likely to be arrested than a White man who is a burglar.

2. You are more likely to get into college.

     So, Americans who are racially Asian have White Privilege.  Good to know.

3. You are more likely to get called back for a job.

     Not when the company is an “Affirmative Action Employer”.  Not if  you work in Silicon Valley.

4. You are less likely to be perceived as a “thug.”

     In what world would the man on the left be considered a “thug” while the one on the right wouldn’t?  Perhaps people call thugs “thug” because they are acting like thugs?

5. You are less likely to be labeled as “angry.”

6. You are more likely to make headlines when missing.

     You mean headlines written by racist Leftists in the media?

7. You are more likely to find adequate housing.

     A Black man who works in a white collar job and obeys the law is less likely to be arrested than a White man who’s a tweaker.  But, as with the first “example,” this does not prove a widespread miasma of discrimination.  A White person is statistically more likely to have a useful college degree than a Black person.  It is things such as this that are more likely to explain disparities in jobs or housing.  Nor is that disparity necessarily caused by racial prejudice, either overt or so secret that no one knows they are doing it.  After all, if anyone has been responsible for this disparity, it would be the kindly hand of Leviathan…

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