Public Schools ♥ Terrorism

     A public school forcing children to recite the Lord’s Prayer or write proselytizing sermons for Mormon missionaries would be condemned for violating the “separation of church and state”.1 But in the minds of the Leftist who have a stranglehold on public educations, making students recite the Shahada isn’t a violation of “separation of church and state” because the Constitution doesn’t say anything about the “separation of mosque and state.”2

     Such logic probably explains why not only are children being forced to recite the Shahada, but to sing the praise of Islam… and apparently also terrorism, with lyrics such as:

“Like a sandstorm in the desert, sending camels into motion,
like how a single faith can make a heart open,
they might only have one god,
but they can make an explosion.”


“And they don’t really care,
If no Jews of C’s believe
Cause they still have
A lot of others to reach”

     So #FacePalm inducing this was, that even CAIR was slackjawed.

     But the terrorism was just a mis-understanding, right?  Not at another school where kids were required to literally draw a propaganda poster for ISIS!

“Students in ninth grade at Salem Junior High School were given a homework assignment where they were told to draw a propaganda poster for a terrorist organization.”

     The truly sad part is that the principal and the students’ parents have chalked this all up to a “misunderstanding”…

“The assignment was given by a first year teacher, but Annie Langston doesn’t want to see anything bad happen to her. She believes it was an honest mistake and in every other respect, this is a good teacher for her daughter.

“Nebo School District Communications and Community Specialist Lana H. Hiskey sent Fox 13 this statement Friday:

‘Salem Junior High recently learned from concerned parents of an assignment regarding extremists use of propaganda to spread untruths and misunderstandings. Upon learning of this assignment, the administration reviewed the concerns with parents and teachers. After consultation, the assignment was immediately withdrawn. If parents have any concerns, please call the administration at Salem Junior High.'”

     O Rly?

     But if a kid mentions Jesus in a graduation speech the ACLU flips out… but wearing an religious stole with their required mortarboard and gown at graduations is totes OK just as long as it’s Muslim…

     1 Yes, anyone who isn’t an idjit knows that this isn’t actually in the Constitution.

     2 That it doesn’t say anything about “separation of church and state either, eludes these idjits…

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